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Fishing lures have become enormously popular over the years. This, in part, is due to more modern manufacturing methods and the development of soft plastic lures that lure the fish in with amazing success.

Fishing lures are designed to look like fish or to imitate them so that real fish are attracted to them and bite them when hunting for a feed.

I was in a tackle shop called Bluewater Tackle World at Scarborough Beach yesterday and asked them what people were using and their reply was hard lures, soft plastics followed by bait, both live and dead.

The people at bluewater lures and tackle  are locals and expert fishermen and they know their stuff better than most, including me, your fishing friend.

While there I bought an even dozen lures, soft's and hard lures featuring a number of different designs and different colors.

Hard lures

The only difference between salt water tackle lures and those lures used in fresh water is in general, size.

With 2,900 miles of coastline and 400 miles of the Murray River to explore, there’s never a dull day when fishing in Victoria or South Australia. Sponsored ads

Salt water fish are usually bigger and fight much harder than fish caught in fresh water and therefore require more robust tackle and lures.

Lures, whether salt or fresh water need to be kept constantly moving so, as you reel the lure back in make sure you jig your rod from side to side and occasionally up and down as bait fish rarely swim in a straight line.

This movement attracts the targeted fish to attack and bite the lure usually resulting in a catch for the angler.

Last week I stood above a man and his 10 year old son who were both fishing.

With 2,900 miles of coastline and 400 miles of the Murray River to explore, there’s never a dull day when fishing South Australia. Sponsored ads

Dad was using bait and having some success as he brought in a couple of smallish Skippy and several whiting. But his young son who was using soft plastics pulled in more during the short time I was there. The young bloke pulled in 6 Black bream of 2 to 3 lbs, 1 flathead about 4 lbs and 1/2 a dozen whiting and Skippy all in the 3 to 5 lb range.

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