Fishing in Perth

Fishing in Perth can be great fun all year round but it gets even better late in October and all the way through the summer period.

During this warmer weather, the water in Perth's rivers
warm up and many more species of
fish arrive just waiting to be caught.

So for the next 4 or 5 months
using light tackle you will have a great
time catching many species in the rivers and beaches near Perth.

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Over the next few hotter months you will be able to catch big mulloway in both rivers all the way from Freo in both the Canning and Swan Rivers
which should lead to some
exciting fishing during this warmer weather
and it's a good time for family fishing and kids fishing too.

Yesterday my son and I went and did some fishing at Hillaries boat harbour where we caught 7 pink snapper.

But they were too small to keep so we released them back into the water so they could grow to a larger size allowing an angler to catch a decent sized snapper a bit later down the track.

Mother and Daughter fishing

So Mum and Dad get those little ones out there with you and show them
just how exciting fishing can be for kids, especially when they are with their parents.

As kids love to indulge in adult activities

If flathead are your game
, try for them using smaller lures that move
on the bottom and small feather jigs also work well. You can of course use bait to catch these tasty fish.

And when it comes to other good eating fish yellowfin whiting can be targeted near where the Swan River reaches the sea.

Also in the Swan River the odd mulloway or two show from time to time up and they are fun to catch along with the more prevalent black bream. These can be caught in the Swan all the way up to Maylands. Even chopper tailor and herring are found around the Mosman and freashwater areas of the river.

So if you need some fishing tackle? Try bluewater tackle  they are in Scarborough Beach road near the beach itself

Don’t forget the Perth beaches and off shore fishing in Perth itself.

Some very good fish are being landed at The Cott, Scarbie, Triggs beach etc.

These warmer months, as the rivers and sea water heat up and bring us a wider variety of
fish and even bigger fish  are
around at this time of the year and throughout the spring and summer months

as opposed to what you can get during the winter period.

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Fishing off shore

Sambo's ( samson fish ) can be landed in 30 to 100 metres depth and those of us who
love to try out jigging you will have plenty of
success in shallower waters from 30 to 40 metres deep.

It is not unusual for those who like trolling
, to get onto many bonito
and blue fin tuna up to near 30kgs out near Rotto and the 3 mile
trench areas so, go for it and have some fun.

If you need a reliable charter boat to go on to catch a good sized Sambo try saltwater charters they really know what they are doing and even supply the fishing gear and food and drink you might need.

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Anglers from Applecross to Como more often than not get a first-rate
catch of  tailor, jewfish and  bream.

If  you like the idea of fishing for smaller dhufish, bream and catfish give the Canning Bridge a try all the way upstream to Riverton and you can also try the Narrows Bridge to the Causeway for your favorite fish.

In the Swan there are normally plenty of the ever prevalent blue swimmer crabs with prawns available during our warmer periods including summer.

And if you happen to feel like a bit of a drive head on down to
Fremantle and onto the duo of seawalls which head out seawards on
either side of the way in to the bay which are great for
those of us who are land-based when we do our fishing.

If you head north of Freo there are a number of other good spots
where you can land some good spaniards near Leighton beach.and a bit
further north at Cottesloe beach were heaps of tailor and herring are
usually caught.

Then it is a matter of going a little bit further
north to Cottesloe where beach fishermen regularly catch tons of
tailor and herring.

A little further north again at City beach you will find some
excellent catches of herring, tailor, dhufish and tarwhine.

At Scarborough Beach, Triggs Island, the Swanbourne Drain and Sorrento beach you will discover that the beaches there  are close to being the best hot spots north of the Swan river for good catches of a number of species of wonderful fish just waiting to ambush your bait or lure.

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