About me, Chris, your fishing friend

About Me.

Hello my fishing friend I am Chris Ryan and it is wonderful to meet you.

I have been an enthusiastic fisherman for a very long time and I have fished in most states of Australia from a young boy onwards.

I have fished at the very tip of the gulf of Carpentaria in Northern Queensland and all the way down the east coast to Melbourne.

I have fished in the states of Queensland, New South Wales, the ACT, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia.

The only states that I have not fished in are, Tasmania and the Northern Territory but I plan on fishing in those two places very soon.

Chris Ryan your fishing friend

I have been surf fishing, rock fishing, fishing in rivers and lakes by boat and from the shore and have used fishing charters quite extensively over the years.

Having fished for the small ones such as flathead, whiting, river perch, bass. The biggies have been a target of mine from time to time and I have landed snapper, coral trout, kingfish, barramundi, yellow fin tuna, marlin, sailfish but the biggest thrill/scare I ever had was hooking a white pointer that my mates said was about 10 feet long.

We were fishing off a rock shelf near Eden in southern New South Wales and I managed to bring the shark in after a long battle only to have the pants nearly fall off me in fright as the damn thing reared out of the water at my feet and seemed to want to bite my head off.

As you may have gathered it missed and I am still here, thank goodness.

I started this site so that my fellow anglers could find a web site that gave them all the information that they would need to plan fishing trips where ever they choose to go.

The site will eventually feature fishing tips and techniques, hot fishing spots, fishing tackle, fish species, fishing knots, and all types of fishing styles and everything else an angler would wish to learn about.

See ya Chris

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