Australian Barrimundi fish

Australian Barramundi fish are also known as Barra, Silver barramundi, Giant Perch or Palmer Perch, the Australian Barramundi fish is world renowned as the premier estuarine game and sport fish Down Under.

Physical Characteristics & Habitat
of the Australian Barramundi

With an approximate length of a little over 1 metre and an average weight range of 10 to 20 kg, the barra is a huge fish! The maximum size can go up to 1.8meters and at this size, it can weigh up to 60kg.

Barramundi are predators and live in a wide variety of locations. You can find them in creeks, rivers, estuaries and in open water as well. They love to hang out near logs and rocks where they hide and lie in wait for their prey of smaller fish and crustaceans.

What’s so Exciting About Barramundi Fishing?

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Barramundi fishing is so popular with sports anglers because of the fish’s justified reputation of putting up a great fight. Barra fishing means lots of thrills and action with high leaps and strong runs that will test the skills and strength of the most seasoned fisherman. Being in the right place at the right time and using the right lures for the terrain are the two secrets to a productive Barramundi fishing trip.

Barramundi All Year Round

The Australian Barramundi fish is available all year round but they hang out in different places at different times of the year and are more abundant during the warmer summer months of November to March. Dawn and dusk are the preferred fishing times.

Larger minnow type lures are very effective for barra fishing in the more shallow waters whereas snag lures work better for trolling big rivers. The fizzer style or noisy popper lures are good for night fishing.

Catch and Release Barramundi Fishing

In most waters, especially those that are heavily fished, you are not permitted to keep your catch if it is over 80 cm. Any Australian Barramundi fish over this size comes under the catch and release policy.

Before you go out fishing for barramundi, make sure you read about how to handle the fish and release it back into the water without injuring the fish. For an injured fish, the chances of survival are very slim.

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