Popular Australian Fish Species

australian fishAustralian fish species come in stunning varieties and combined with the diverse fishing environments are what makes fishing in Australia so spectacular!

Fishing for the different types of fish poses different challenges. From the barramundi and garfish to the flounder, bass and salmon. Fishing Down Under is everything you can ask for and more!

5 Most Sought After Species of Fish

Here are the most popular fish that visiting fishermen usually come fishing for:


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One of the finest sporting fish, the barramundi will put up a huge fight when caught. It is found in inshore waters and the estuaries around the northern coastlines.

Best bait to use is live bait such as prawns and mullets or minnow shaped lures. Use extra strong lures, hooks, lines and rings or you will loose every barra you hook.Click

australian barramundi to read more on these ever elusive, hard fighting fish.


A large and powerful fighting fish, the Kingfish is known for testing the gear to the limit. It can be usually found around wharves and wrecks and on offshore reefs.

Best bait to use is pilchards, garfish and live baits or lures such as jigs, poppers and deep divers. Use extra strong trebles or ganghooks.

Australian Salmon

An excellent sporting fish, Salmon are fast and exciting to catch. They will leap from the water majestically when hooked and will put up a massive fight. Found in harbours and bays among the rocks and surf.Best bait to use are WA pilchards.

Red Morwong

A strong fighter, the red morwong is found mainly in schools on rocky, reefy bottom in offshore reefs.Best bait to use are prawns and fish strips.

Australian Bass

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An aggressive lure taker, the Australian Bass is more active in warmer months and can be found in most east coast river systems from Noosa to the Victorian border.Best bait to use are surface or deep diving lures.

An Aussie’s Dream

Knowing the Aussies’ obsession with fishing, it came as no surprise to me when I compared notes with my mates and quickly realized we all had one dream in common and that was to catch, at least once, every variety of Australian fish that swam our waters. Given the number of species, that’s aiming really high!

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