Bass Fly Fishing Australia

Bass fly fishing is an exhilarating experience for both, the amateur fly fisherman as well as for the seasoned veteran. Bass strike hard and fight strong.

bass fly fishing

Ask anyone who’s tried fly fishing for bass and you will hear that it can be extremely challenging but also immensely satisfying. Be prepared for the time of your life when you go out fly fishing for this species.

Habit & Feeding Characteristics of Bass

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Largemouth bass prefer clear waters with little or no current and are mainly found in shallow waters among water lilies, reeds and other naturally found marine vegetation.

They prefer waters that are in the 80 degree range and will very rarely be found in depths of more than 20 ft. While they are fairly active throughout the year, they tend to stay near the bottom in the winter months.

Bass are instinctive and opportunistic feeders. They will bite at anything that resembles food. When fly fishing for bass, larger sized flies work best.

Baits that bass love.

  • aquatic macroinvertebrates
  • particularly Trichoptera larvae
  • terrestrial insects
  • and in particular they love cicadas
  • some crustaceans
  • in the form of freshwater shrimps and estuarine prawns. They also love
  • small fish,
  • predominantly flathead gudgeon.

    Which Fly Fishing Rods Work Best for Bass

    You will see many experienced fly anglers using a 4 to 5 weight rod but if you are not as experienced you may find it difficult to cast the larger flies with a smaller rod. Experts suggest using a 6 to 7 weight rod if you are new to the sport. You can use a floating or a sinking line with a weight forward taper.

    Rods for bass fishing are normally made of fiberglass or graphite.

    It’s a matter of choice which type you use. However, the consensus of opinion of most fishermen/women is to use the graphite rod which is best for most situations.

    Consider these Factors When Fly Fishing

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    There are several variables that will dictate what type of lure works best and ultimately how successful you are when fly fishing for bass. The right lure depends on the season, the type of water you are fishing in and the location of the fish but with so many different types and colors available, shopping for bass fishing lures can be confusing. Don’t get overwhelmed.

    Possibly the most often used of all the bass lures is the surface lure.

    Some lures or baits should be chucked out and reeled in bit by bit smoothly, some should be allowed to rest on the surface for a few seconds then reeled in smoothly.

    Some other lures should be ‘popped’ all the way back to where you are standing. Popping is the process of jerking the bait around to make a disturbance in the water which will make the bass investigate and more than likely take your surface lure.

    Most tackle shops will go out of their way to help you out with making the right choice when you are fishing in the waters around their area.

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    If you are planning on bass fly fishing Down Under, it is important to first get a proper licence and to find out the laws regulating the size of the catch in that particular area.

    A thought for the Future

    It is a great idea to use barbless hooks when fishing for Bass as this will facilitate their survival when you release them. Our kids deserve to have the pleasure of catching these wonderful fighting fish every bit as much as we adults do. It is a great idea to practice catch and release by releasing the Bass we don't need for the table as well.

    Bass have been bred and released into the Murray-Darling system so consider these rivers when planning your next bass fishing expedition.
    You won't be disappointed.

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