Best Fishing Times Australia

Best fishing times The one question I’ve been asked the most number of times is which are the best fishing times and which are the worst.

Now that’s a loaded question! Do you want to catch just any type of fish or did you have a specific species in mind?

If you are not particularly choosy about which species bites on your line, you’re in luck! Australian waters are teeming with fish of all types, from the tiny species that are easy to catch to the large sport fish that will put up a huge fight every inch of the way! I am a die-hard fisherman and love nothing better than spending a day out in the Australian waters.

To me, the best times to go fishing are just about anytime that I can take my whole family along with me or when I haven’t promised to do something special with them on shore and the worst days are my wife’s birthday and our wedding anniversary.

Other than that, here are the generalized best fishing times in Australia. There are several variations within these broad outlines but these suggestions will hold you pretty much in good stead.

Sunny, Rainy Days & Windy Days

While there’s nothing as pleasurable as going out fishing on a gorgeous, sunny day and you will get some fish too, the fact is, fishing during cloudy or rainy days can be more productive. This is because fish are more active and tend to bite more during low light rather than bright light.

If it's too windy or it is raining very heavily, going out in a boat could be dangerous but you could pull in a rich haul while fishing from a boat.

Time of Day

While fish will bite throughout the day, your odds of getting a catch are much higher during early morning and early evenings. These are the times when the fish are most active. Can’t wake up early morning? Nothing to worry about- just hit the waters early evening!

The Secret to Best Fishing Times Australia

In my experience, the most rewarding time to go fishing is just before bad weather.

Most fish typically become dormant when the weather is bad and when they sense the arrival of inclement weather they go on a feeding spree in anticipation. This is the best time to strike the waters! If you are going out in a boat though, your timing has to be impeccable for returning back to safety before the bad weather hits. Remember, a good fisherman never takes unnecessary risks.

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