Family Fishing Trips

Family fishing trips are one of the most enjoyable ways for Mum Dad and the kids to have some quality time together.

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  Family fishing holidays are great fun and much loved by all family members.

Kids learn a new way to have fun and their parents will have seen and relished the beaming smiles on those little faces  when they catch their 1st ever small fish.

Family fishing is so much fun as you teach the kids fishing and some of their boo boos will make you laugh so much so that it will bring tears of joy to your adult eyes.

Mother and daughter fishing

Kids love fishing and learning to fish for them is a joy rather than a task and it is an ideal opportunity for Mum and Dad to teach them about sustainable fishing for the future.

The ideal time frame for kids and their moms and dads is a family fishing weekend as it gives the family time to do other things rather than just fish as kids can get bored doing exactly the same thing all day over their 2 or 3 day fishing trip.

Family Fishing Trips in Melbourne

Near Melbourne in the state of Victoria fishing in Port Philip Bay on both sides offers many safe beaches for the kids fishing as do the rivers, creeks and lakes all over Victoria.

Fishing in Frankston is my earliest memory of fishing and the fishing there was always fun as the fish were plentiful and easy to catch as falling of a log is easy to do.

Father and son fishing

Mom and Dad used to take me and my little bro on a family fishing weekend and we went fishing in Frankston almost every weekend in the warmer months and we always had a great time hauling in lots of different types of good sized fish from flathead, whiting, bream and on one memorable occasion a 12 lb snapper, my first big fish and I was only eight years old.

Can you imagine what a hard job it was for a not very big 8 year old boy to haul in that large snapper which seemed to be almost as big as I was at that time.

My whole family were fishing fanatics and I loved it when we left our house in Cheltenham and drove off down Nepean Highway heading to our holiday house at Frankston beach.

Our house was on the opposite side to the beach so when there we only had to cross the road go thru a forest of Tea tree and we were at the beach ready to chuck in our fishing lines and catch some fish.

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On one fishing trip to Frankston I brought along my brand new surfboard to try out the 2' waves for the ride of a life time. :)

Anyway I was standing at the waters edge wondering what to do first, so much so my old man asked me what was wrong.

So I told him that I couldn't make up my mind whether to go surfing or fishing and he came up with a great way to do both at the same time. He suggested that I grab a hand line and a bit of bait and take the board out about 100 feet and drop the line in. I did this  and before too long I had a bite and hauled in the line which had a Bream on it but it was too small to keep so back in it went.

At this stage I was facing out into the bay when I spotted this fin  coming towards me. Shark!! watch out. It was panic stations for me and I dropped my hand line, turned the board and paddled frantically for the shore but it was gaining on me still so I abandoned my surf board and swam for it. About this stage I wished I hadn't gon on this family fishing trip.

About 15 feet from shore it came up beside me, "Panic Time" I thought I was dead but all was well, it poked it's head out of the water and I saw that it was a friendly dolphin, and what a relief that was as I was really scared. It escorted me all the way in to the shore nudging me along from time to time so when I got to very shallow water I turned, sat in the water and looked at this unexpected animal.

It continued to rub up against me so I caressed it and it seemed to smile at me, my dad brought over some bait which I fed to the dolphin who loved it and at the end of the day.

It made this kids day.

At the end of each day my folks would BBQ our days catch to which everyone within a bulls roar was invited to partake and I remember the people, eating the fish and sitting around a warm fire and listening to the various parents regale each other with many fishing stories while sipping beer or wine and we all had a great time as this has always been a delicious memory of the good times during my childhood.

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Frankstone beach is very safe for kids to go swimming as the waves were only about 2 feet high and only rolled in slowly which made it fun for kids to swim or to go family fishing with Mom and Dad.

Another kids fun things to do was to play cowboys and Indians in the thick tea tree where there was heaps of hiding spots to ambush the Indians and win the war.

So Mom and Dad get together and organize a family fishing trip,

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