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The Western Australian fishing charters all use state of the art fishing boats which are roomy, comfortable, have all the latest fish finding gear and captains and crews who not only know their stuff but are cheerful, very friendly and only too happy to answer any questions you may have.

Fishing charters Western Australia from the most southerly part at Esperance and the center of WA at Exmouth to the most northerly at Kununurra and Wyndham has more fishing charter companies than you could throw a stick at and they are all world class.

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Our objective here at Fly Fishing Frontiers is to establish a quality service in guided fly fishing to international and national clients.

We firmly believe that Exmouth has something special to offer the well travelled angler. Exmouth is a vast fishery offering first class fly fishing, however areas offering a world class experience are often quite remote and difficult to access and you really require good local knowledge to be successful.

We are able to offer these passionate anglers a professional service which will enhance their “Australian Experience” and unfold to them the beauty and uniqueness of the Exmouth area.

Species of fish include Giant Trevally, Golden Trevally, Queen Fish, Coral Trout, Mangrove Jack, Giant Herring, Permit and Emperors. And much more.

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Exmouth Billfish Charters

If you would love to have an exceptional days fishing for marlin and other big species of billfish and need a charter to achieve your hearts desire when fishing

then I can only recommend Exmouth billfish charters as they are the best of the best and have achieved exceptional fishing results year after year.On each occasion that I have been out with them they have never failed to deliver great results for me.

Their magnificent boat, the Freespool II is set up to give everything an angler could possibly want or need on his or her day's fishing.

The other species they will help you to catch are:

  • Giant Trevally
  • Tuna
  • Wahoo
  • Spanish Mackerel
  • Cobia
  • Mahi Mahi
  • Sharks
  • Queenfish and many more.
  • Here in Exmouth more Billfish are caught and released than anywhere else in Australia!

    Don't forget if you love fishing tournaments such as the Gamex fishing tournament in Exmouth it is running again on

  • 10-17 March 2012 and is a WAGFA sanctioned event.
  • Briefing 10 March 2012,
  • Fishing 11-16 March 2012,
  • Make sure you go out with Exmouth billfish charters as they have had more success at tournaments and fishing in general than any other charter company going.


    Saltwater Charters

    Southern Cross Charters

    Another one of the great charter companies I have used is saltwater charters who have an excellent charter boat and a very experienced skipper and ever helpful crew. Your safety and enjoyment is uppermost in their minds. I had a great time going out with them and happily recommend them to you. Sponsored ads

    Fishing Charters in Western Australia are one of the most gratifying experiences that you will ever take on, because of the abundance of beautiful beaches and top class fishing spots that are available up and down the entire coastline not to mention the wonderful inland fishing in the unspoiled waters of Western Australia's rivers and lakes.

    Southern Cross Charters are another of Western Australia's top charter companies and having been with them I can attest to the fact that they well and truly belong in the top 3

    Do you fancy the idea of Deep Sea fishing or Sambo Jigging, perhaps Game Fishing? Then they are the folks to use.

    You will definitely catch some biggies with their help. Not only that they'll also carefully and professionally clean your catch and send you homeward bound with a great feed as well as some fantastic memories of your great day's fishing with them.

    They have a wonderful crew who are only to happy to help and advise you. Southern Cross Charters departs from Mindarie Keys with Hillarys, Fremantle and Two Rocks used when necessary.

    Southern Cross Charters delivers a high quality safety talk to all clients before heading out to the fishing grounds.

    The skipper and crew are very skilled and extremely friendly when showing what they need to do or explaining to them what is coming next during the days fishing trip.

    You won't need to take any of these items.

    • All fishing gear and tackle.
    • Fresh local Bait. (squid, octopus and mulies)
    • You will receive Tea or coffee on arrival
    • All day soft drink and water.
    • All your catch will be cleaned and packed.
    • Photo of your catch.
    • They supply a Full BBQ meal at lunch time
    • #Your day starts with nice cakes and coffee as soon as the Bella takes off.
      # After getting to the chosen fishing ground hot pies sausage rolls and pasties are served after roughly an hour's fishing and this is followed a couple of hours later with a BBQ with hot meat and salad followed by fresh Cray fish caught on the way out.

      #Soft drinks are supplied all day long and everything is free for each client.

      The fish we targeted were WA Dhufish, Pink Snapper, Baldchin Groper, Breaksea Cod, Queenies and Sambo's and there were quite a few other species landed as well such as, Sgt Baker and King George whiting and some whose names I did not know.

      Everyone on the Bella with me had an excellent day out with Southern Cross Charters.

    A happy group on board Bella 11 from Southern Cross Charters

    Southern Cross Charters

    Southern Cross are the acknowledged champs when it comes to night fishing.They know the most productive Pink Snapper grounds so you can have fun and, test your luck and your skills when catching these magnificent table fish, they fight like hell as well.

    You will leave on your night fishing trip at 6.30 in the evening. Prepare yourself for some great deep sea action before returning to Mindarie Keys around 2am in the morning. I've been and it's a wonderful trip.

    Also available are:

    Rottness Island trips are a year long feature of Southern Cross Charters so get your mates and head of into the wide blue yonder and enjoy a great day at Rotto.

    Bucks and Hens Parties are something else they love doing so get your mates/girlfriends together and grab a Bucks or Hens party on the pristine ,blue waters of our Indian Ocean.

    Southern Cross's Bella 11 charter boat

    Southern Cross Charters

    Next trip for me, I hope, will be to try my hand at marlin fishing with them.

    Mills Charters

    If you love sport fishing as I do then you will love fishing in Western Australia waters using our magnificent fishing charter boats and Mills Charters beats most oposition charters when it comes to to providing an excellent trip whether whale watching or fishing for the big ones is your 1st choice. On my trip with Mills we spotted many, many whales and a great time was had by all of us. The whale watching season only has a few weeks to run so if you want to go on a whale watching tour you had better act soon. Mills Charters are the very best Sponsored ads

    And you will be able go on any number of charters to do this in a large number of differing and diverse fishing locations throughout the Western Australian water ways. You will find Dhufish, Coral Trout, Spanish Mackerel, cod, snapper marlin and Sailfish in the offshore waters of Western Australia.

    You might then decide to try your hand and your muscles reeling in the big Barramundi out of Kununurra in the Kimberley as part of your fishing Western Australia experience.

    Our charters boats head up North and down South and there are lots of charters from Perth, Mandurah, Geraldton, Broome, Carnarvon and Exmouth, Kununurra and a host of other fine fishing spots scattered around this great state.

    The Kimberley region near Kununurra is world famous for it's Barramndi which is perhaps the hardest fighting fish, lb for lb than all other species.

    Kununurra and Wyndham's Ord river and Lake Argyle are jewels with spectacular scenery and great fishing is considered normal there. The Mackerel Islands, Abrolhos Islands Mills, The experience at the Abrolhos Islands and the Makerel Islands is unique, limitless and great fun as you haul in the big sport and game fish that will give your fishing line a hearty tug.

    At the Montebello Islands you can try for Samson Fish, Tuna, Marlin, Spaniards, Salmon, Yellow Tail, Yellowfin tuna and more. And Ningaloo reef is not just known for it's ultra friendly dolphins but also has great fishing with many fighting species caught.

    Plus and there are many other fishing hot spots in Western Australia that also operate fishing charters from their towns Down south of Perth.

    The fishing is aso wonderful at Mandurah, Bunbury and Margaret River and a ton of other beautiful places.

    Aussie Warrior Mills Charter

    There are literally 1000's of striking and electrifying beaches and productive fishing destinations for the most unreal fishing trips and experiences available here that any keen angler will love and enjoy as they pull in some of Western Australia's big sport fish.

    The Swan River in Perth has quite a few beaches, jetties, estuaries
    and the odd bridge or two which helps the local fisho's to enjoy great
    fishing all year round.

    The Swan river is mostly pollution free and
    the wonderful angling  in the Swan  will undoubtedly be enjoyed
    by all
    anglers right the way up to Guilford and perhaps beyond.

    The best places to look for and hook both  flounder and  flathead are
    in the environs of the Swan river near Bicton, Point Walter and
    Freshwater Bay and where you will find some decent sized  tailor and
    dhufish to catch at Mosman Park all the way to the Claremont jetty.

    Flathead are a magnificent table fish and the the very best spot to
    get them is the river bank at Karrakatta.

    Peppermint Grove and Crawley
    and the Narrows is a great place to get  bream, tailor, catfish and a
    nice dhufish or two.

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