Fishing in America 

Hi buddy. How's the fishing goin'?

...getting any?

Fishing in America is hot and strong with many amazing fishing
destinations all over the nation that will suit all types of folks who
love fishing.

 It is your fishing buddy Chris with Your definitive guide to all you ever
wanted to know about all types of fishing in America and a bit in Australia. 

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At the end of the day your fishing buddy will ensure that this site

will feature all your fishing wants and needs from anywhere, including
fishing hot spots, tips and techniques and much more

 Fishing is not just for single guys and their buddies but is much
loved by families with and without kids.

And I, your fishing buddy has many happy memories of heading out on a
fishing trip with my wife and kids in tow and it was a privilege to
teach them how to fish and how to find and hook the big ones just as

it was when my folks took me fishing as a kid.

In the United States there are many places which can only be called great.

(1) Boca Grande in Florida and the 

(2) Selawik Valley when Fishing in Alaska 

(3) Fishing in Carolina

(4) Fishing Naples Florida

Welcome to Naples Florida that offers Visitors the Paradise Coast Experience along with excitement and adventure found nowhere else.

Swaying coconut palms and sweeping white sand beaches only begin to tell the story as Boca Grande has much great accommodation and lots of beautiful spots to see and experience.

And don't forget the magnificent beaches great for Mom, Dad and the kids. Boca Grande has to be one of Florida's best holiday and fishing getaways of all time

Come with me now, and let me help guide you in and around Naples and Southwest Florida.

To mention but 4 of the wonderful fishing destinations in the
United States.

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Rock Fishing

Rocks are very slippery particularly when wet, do not use bare feet it
is slippery in the shower or bath only more so on wet rocks. Use good
non slip foot ware and stay safe.

If you are into rock fishing as I am, please be aware of the
dangers as waves can come in and wash you over and into the sea
which can sometimes be fatal.

 Fishing can either be all excitement or a day of quiet relaxation by
the side of a river or lake as you dangle a line out into the water.

 Don't forget about fishing charters, these experts know local
conditions and hot spots so they will be only too happy to take you to
these great spots for the fish you want to catch.

They really do know their stuff and and they offer most off shore
anglers the best chance off catching the big ones.

Just imagine the thrill, you are out there on a fishing charter and
something hits your lure like a ton of bricks and starts running.

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