Fishing in NSW

Get ready for the most exciting angling expedition of a lifetime with fishing in NSW! Fishing NSW offers a wealth of diversity in terms of fishing experiences, from the types of waters to the species of fish you catch.

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3 Best Spots for Fishing NSW

One thing you need to remember when fishing in Sydney is that different fish require different types of bait and tackle and different fishing techniques too.
If you are not sure which combination works best for the fish you are targeting, take time to speak to the local fishermen. You’ll be surprised at how happy they are to help out a fellow angler. Fishing NSW offers a wealth of diversity in terms of fishing experiences. With plenty of bass hot spots NSW offers the best bass fishing opportunities ever! New South Wales is not just about bass and other fresh water species but is also about the fantastic salt water fishing spots they have available for you to enjoy. Other great NSW fishing destinations just waiting for you to have a go are

Windamere Dam: Well stocked over the years with silver perch, golden perch and Murray cod, this is a good place to head off to in NSW especially if you have just limited time on your hands.

Lake Munmorah: Lake Mumnorah is teeming with bream and night fishing in winter can yield a rich haul. Drifting for whiting and flathead is also popular in these waters.

Pelican Point: Try your hand at rock fishing at Pelican Point. The narrow gutters in the area are excellent for bream and at high tide, the seaward side is a hot spot for rock blackfish.

Best Spots for Bass Fishing in NSW

fishing in nsw
With plenty of bass hot spots, NSW offers the best bass fishing opportunities ever! A native freshwater fish, the Australian bass is found in almost all eastern rivers and creeks on the NSW coast.
The bass fishing season starts around mid-October. Check out these waters for the bass fishing experience of a lifetime: Lake Glenbawn: Lake Glenbawn in the Barrington Tops National Park is the place for the big bass that swim around the rocky shorelines and weed beds. Kangaroo River: This winding river located south of Sydney in Kangaroo Valley is another popular place for bass fishermen looking for the thrill of the catch.

Recreational Licence Fee for Fishing NSW

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You are legally required to pay the NSW Recreational fishing fee. Before you go out fishing in NSW, make sure you carry the receipt showing that you have paid the fee.

This law applies for all types of fishing, whether it is trapping, spear fishing, prawn netting, hand gathering or hand lining. Size restrictions also apply when fishing these waters so check legal sizes and bag limits. It is always a good idea to check out all details before you head off for a day on the waters.

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