Fishing in Queensland

Perfect Fishing one Day, Better Fishing the Next

You can go fishing in Queensland right from the very tip of the Cape York Peninsula down to Cairns and then all the way down the coast to Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

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Dropping in and doing some fishing at Arlie Beach on your way and ending your fishing trip at Brisbane or the the Gold Coast. At this stage you may decide to move a bit further south to Southport, try some fishing there and then move on to the border of NSW.

Where ever, you fish in Queensland a rewarding time is almost guaranteed.

Queensland has some of the best and most beautiful fishing destinations in Australia, both inland in the lakes and rivers and on the ocean where picking up a good catch is the norm, not the unusual.

Queensland is blessed with many world class fishing charter companies who's service is beaten by no one.

These excellent charter boats operate from Cairns in the far north right down the coast line to Noosa and NSW in the south. Queensland Fishing Charters Many charter companies operate a catch and release policy which helps to ensure that our kids have a future when it comes to their time to head out fishing. I applaud them for that.

Using barbless hooks makes releasing caught fish easier and they suffer less injury when the hook is pulled out.

Fishing in Queensland is very special, partly because of it's long coastline, but the very nature of the fishing there and it's magnificent diversity is what should put it at the very top of every bodies fishing plans.

The scenery up there is so beautiful that fishing can be sometimes beaten by this natural beauty. But not for long simply because the fishing is too good and you won't have much time for looking around and the fishing is great fun too.

Surf Casting in Queensland
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Cairns is one of Queensland's very best fishing destinations with golden beaches, Mangrove swamps, pristine rivers and scenically beautiful lakes where every thing is almost perfect.

Fish to be found in the Cairns area.

Out on the reefs.

Barracuda, Cod, Coral Trout, Emperor (Snapper) Giant Trevally, Nannygai (Small & Large Mouth) Red Emperor, Sweetlip (Tricky Snapper) Turrum

On the calmer waters

Such as a river, lake or an estuary. You will come across Archer Fish Barracuda, Barramundi, Batfish,Black Jewfish Bream, Catfish, Dart, Estuary Cod Fingermark called (Golden Snapper)Flathead, Grunter or (Javelin Fish) Giant Trevally, Golden Trevally Hairtail, Mangrove Jack, Moses Perch, Queenfish, Salmon both (King & Blue) Sickle Fish known as (Butter Bream) Silver Jew and Tarpon. which can breathe above water, strange Eh!

In Cairns fish are plentiful with many pelagics providing hard fighting for the angler to tackle before being subdued and landed, but it is not just the pelagics fighting hard, the tasty table fish like coral trout, jewfish, snapper and other species put up an exciting battle which we anglers have to overcome.

The fresh water fishing around Cairns is also world class with a number of species vying to jump on your hook or lure, but please, be aware that crocodiles can also inhabit the fresh and ocean waters near Cairns.

Here's why you need to keep your eyes open

Big Crocodile

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Cairns Fishing Accommodation

The Tropical Queenslander offers affordable, self-catering rooms within easy walking distance of the Cairns Esplanade waterfront, numerous restaurants and Cairns central business district

Located in the heart of the central business district, Rydges Plaza Cairns is a 5-minute walk from the Convention Centre, Reef Casino, reef departure terminals, Esplanade Lagoon and Promenade.

Tropical Queenslander Hotel
Rydges Plaza Hotel Cairns
Pacific International Hotel Cairns

The Pacific International Hotel is ideally located on the picturesque Cairns Esplanade overlooking Trinity Harbour and the departure point to the Great Barrier Reef, this hotel offers captivating sea views from the beautifully-appointed room

But don't panic All you need to do is eyeball the opposite bank and to the left and right where you are standing. If it looks clear then in 99% of cases it is.

The mangrove swamps are very productive and a good days fishing is to be had by all participants with multiple species caught being the norm.

Beach fishing is another favorite that many anglers love to indulge in and many great catches of both big and small fish of many species are caught off Cairns and Queensland beaches.

Want to catch fish in Queensland? If you want to find out how to catch a feed while traveling in Queensland or about all the top camping spots and 4x4 tracks then check out the unbelievably handy 'Fish, Camp, 4x4' Magazines.

If you are looking for a detailed travel magazine that includes maps, GPS points, fishing tips and spots, tourist attractions and all of the hidden secrets (that only the locals know about and no one will tell you about) get hold of the Fish, Camp, 4x4 Magazine.

Fish Camp 4x4 Magazine

They publish one for 'Cape York & the Gulf of Carpentaria' and one for 'Central Queensland'. Check out their website to purchase, or find stockists of the magazines or to find yourself some great information and photos on the glorious state of Queensland.

Gold Coast

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Noosa fishing.

Fish that live in this area.

Calm waters.

Flathead, Bream, Trevally, Mangrove Jack, Jewfish Reef fishing. Snapper, Cobia, Mackeral, Marlin, Tuna, Wahoo, Mahi Mahi and shark Snapper, Amberjack, Samson fish, Kingfish, Pearl Perch, Job fish.

Sharing the fishing of the future for the kids They will thank you and so will I.

Fishermen are renowned for telling for telling Tall Fishing Tales and I have a page on that very topic so see if you can tell if Chris is Telling you a big Fib you never know, so check it out

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