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Fishing in Victoria. Wow!

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A Wealth of Year-Round Fishing Opportunities.

From salt water fishing to freshwater lakes and rivers, inlets, bays, beaches and estuaries, fishing in Victoria offers a ton of great fishing hot spots which would delight any angler looking for somewhere good to go fishing at any time of the year.

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While freshwater streams, reservoirs and lakes provide excellent opportunities for fishing Murray cod, trout, golden perch and redfin, the most commonly caught species on bays, beaches and offshore are King George whiting, kingfish, snapper and an abundance of flathead are available for any keen fisho.

There’s no such thing as a bad day when fishing in Victoria.Fishing for Snapper Snapper are considered the prize of prize's in Port Phillip Bay. They tend to inhabit the Bay during the spawning season which goes from September until May. They seem to like the channels and gutters.

Other Spots for Snapper

Other spots they like and feel safe in are around the rocks and behind the sand flats or in and over rubble or weeds. Corio Bay is home to countless snapper, whiting and Aussie salmon all year long.

For land anglers, Limeburners Bay near the Grammar School in Geelong is a good spot for big snapper, mullet, bream, flathead and flounder and the best time for fishing them is during winter and spring, as they seem to love the cooler weather and are more active at that time.

Talking Bass

Mornington Pier Mornington Pier is a favoured fishing spot and one of the best jetties on the bay. From the deeper half, flathead can be landed all year while snapper are plentiful when the west and north winds blow, King George whiting will be around during spring and autumn.

Best Times to Catch Snapper

Surf Fishing in Victoria

The majority of Port Phillip Bays biggest snapper can be snagged from Swan Bay hot spots like Edwards Point.
Snapper seem to enjoy feeding in the shallow waters in the morning, they then head out to deeper waters as the day gets on. So in my opinion the very best time to try catching a good snapper or two is before sunrise or in the late afternoon at sunset, after dark is another good time to try for a snapper. And if there is a tide change then this will provide you with a more gratifying time. The Snapper run in Port Phillip Bay occurs at the Tea-Tree blossoming, which is around about the Sunday after the AFL grand final. At this time everone, now has a chance to catch one of Victoria’s favourite fish.

One of the more popular fishing past times is surf fishing, and anglers in Victoria have a wealth of great beaches to choose from which stretch from the border of NSW all the way around the coast to the border of SA.

Fighting a Mighty Kingfish

A True Story

One of many memories of mine, (your fishing friend) is fishing on the 90 mile beach with a couple of mates and our girls, who loved fishing just as much as we blokes did. I hooked a big Kingfish and boy! what a fight that was.

I managed to bring it close to the shore and things were looking good but the fight had just begun, the darn thing decided to head up the beach at a fair old pace towing me along with it.

By this time my arms and legs were feeling the strain and just to compound matters a bit more, the Kingy decided to head in the opposite direction dragging me with it.

By this time I was almost wishing that I had stayed home but I stayed with it for another hour and after being dragged about 3 or 4 miles all up I got it to shore and it was a monster.

My mates reckoned that it would weigh in at 70 to 80 lbs but to me and my soreness it felt like 500 lbs of pure fury. Even way back then we practiced catch and release so back in it went to live another day.

But it was great to win and now I can feel good about getting on top of him.

Talking Bass

Fishing in Victoria at Phillip Island

Phillip Island is an exciting fishing destination, whether you want to fish from the jetties at San Remo,Cowes, Rhyll or Newhaven for an almost sure shot of snagging snapper, salmon, flathead, shark, whiting or squid. If you have your own fishing boat, launch it for a day out fishing from the launching facilities at Rhyll, Cowes or Newhaven. If you do not have your own fishing boat, there’s still nothing to worry about. Just go on over to Rhyll or San Remo, and join one of the many fishing expeditions that originate from these jetties. Which is something we did once.
We were on the jetty at San Remo looking around and this trawler captain came up and asked us to crew his boat for the day and in return he would take us out for a day chasing snapper on the morrow and no need to say it, we jumped at the chance. He made his living catching barracouta and what a hard day's work it was, but fun, we caught hundreds of the long, sleek black 'couta and had a wonderful day fishing for snapper the next day, certainly a man of his word, that's for sure. Phillip Island is a great place to fish as there is never an excess number of folks fishing on the island so there is plenty of room to fish for the fish hanging around there. Just stay away when the V8 super cars or the big bikes are racing there.

Fishing in Victoria at Mornington Peninsula

The many piers along the shores of Port Phillip, Hobsons and Westernport bays are popular year round fishing grounds for salmon, elephant fish, squid, whiting, flathead, garfish, gummy and school shark and rock cod.

Snapper is another popular fish in these locations but snapper fishing is more exciting during the warmer months when 10 kilo snapper tend to populate these waters. In the cooler months, try your hands at fly fishing for yellowtail kingfish and large shoals of salmon and tailor.

As a young bloke holidaying at Mount Martha on the Mornington Peninsula I used to wander through the thick Tea tree bushes to the beach with my surf board accompanied by my dad with his fishing tackle.

He wanted to fish for snapper and me, I wanted to try out my 1st and only surf board. Dad often caught a snapper or some whiting and we usually had a scrumptious breakfast of fish.

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Fishing in Victoria at the Great Ocean Road

Looking for an exciting day of ocean fishing? You’ll find the best ocean fishing grounds along the Great Ocean Road.

Your catch of the day could include a huge kingfish, tuna or target snapper or on a lucky day, all three! Try Geelong's Corio Bay, Indented Head and other places along the coast.

Other wonderful spots where you can look forward to a productive days fishing are Portland while good catches of salmon and shark can be found at Narrawong Beach near Portland.

Ace fishing charters in Portland operate charters after tuna between April and July so if you like to go out on a charter boat then Ace Fishing Charters is the charter for you.

Try Lorne and Apollo Bay as they have great pier fishing. Grab a Charter boat off the Bellarine Peninsular and head out into the Bass straight for the large ones such as shark, southern bluefin tuna.

Great river fishing can be found in the Aire River near Glenaire and the Gellibrand River near Colac.

Try for various species in the estuaries like bream and whiting as well as mulloway in the Glenelg River. Fish in Port Philip Bay near Point Nepean, Quarantine Bay, Portsea, Queenscliff, Swan Bay and St. Leonard's near Indented head.

Located in Queenscliff just 90 Minutes from Melbourne and only 20 Minutes from Geelong is Kyena fishing trips their charters leave from the recently redone Queenscliff Harbour so you will be safe and sound as they stay inside the safe, sheltered waters of Port Phillip Heads where you can target Snapper, Leatherjacket and Perch and when you get near Swan Bay you will find Whiting, Pinkies, Snapper and Calamari.


The cooler climate along with several hundred trout lakes makes the Goldfields near Bendigo and Ballarat an excellent year-round trout fishing destination. Brown and rainbow trout, some weighing in at up to 6 kgs, abound in these scintillating trout lakes.

Fishing in the Murray river

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The mighty Murray river has long been a productive river for catching those big Murray cod and other species of fish so if you would like to know more about these mighty cod head over to fishing in Mildura where you are bound to catch the cod that will make your day.

What License? When Fishing in Victoria

A fishing licence for Victoria is mandatory for anyone who is planning to fish in this region, irrespective of whether you are going line fishing, spear fishing, prawning or yabby fishing.

This Recreational Fishing Licence (RFL) covers all types of fishing in all types of waters, fresh, marine or estuarine. You can and will be penalized for fishing without a valid license.

Another thing you need to know when fishing in Victoria is the size and catch limitations of the area. You will get this information from the Recreational Fishing Guide that you will find in most fish and bait stores. To apply for a fishing online go to Get your fishing licence

Fishing in Victoria offers angling enthusiasts a wealth of year round fishing opportunities. To stay on the right side of the law, make sure you have a valid Recreational Fishing Licence and take time to find out the size and catch limitations.

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