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saltwater fishing knots
There are so many different types of fishing line knots that it is almost impossible to remember each and every one of them. Sponsored ads

Thankfully, you don’t have to. Several knots cover the same needs and knowing how to tie and when to use a few of the best fishing knots will do you just fine.

Basic Fishing Knots

  • Albright Knot: Can be used whenever you need to tie together 2 fishing lines. This is the best knot for joining together 2 monofilament lines that have different diameters or are made of different materials. It is also often used to join a monofilament line to a braided line and in fly fishing, it is used to connect the fly line and the backing line.

  • Uni-Knot: One of the most versatile fishing line knots, the uni-knot can be adjusted to meet many fishing needs. It can be used to attach the line to the snap, swivel or lure. The double uni-knot is used to join together 2 lines of similar or different diameters.
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  • Palomar Knot: Quick, easy to tie, strong and one of the most commonly used braided fishing knots.
  • Surgeon’s Knot: A great multi-purpose knot, it can be used to join together lines of similar as well as different sizes and different materials too. Quick and easy to tie, it retains almost 100% breaking strength.
  • Grinner Knot: A very strong knot that with a breaking strength that is almost 100%. Works well with all types of lines including braided lines. Mostly used for attaching lures, hooks, and swivels to the line.
  • Clinch Knot: A simple, easy knot that works well for medium sized lines. It is popularly used for attaching the hook, lure or swivel to the line.
  • Blood Knot: Used for connecting 2 lines of similar size. Fly fishermen use this knot when they want to join sections of the leader together.

Knots for Saltwater Fishing

Pay special attention to your fishing line knots if you are planning on spending a day out at sea. Saltwater fish are more powerful and will not give up without a fight. You need to use saltwater fishing knots that are strong enough to handle and overpower the fish.

We really hope you found this information useful, if you need further advice or help please contact Chris . You may also be interested in some of our additional pages on knots like:

Saltwater Fishing Knots

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