Fishing Rods Reels

Different fishing rods & reels are designed for specific types of fishing environments as well as different target fish species.

The fishing equipment you will use for deep sea fishing will be completely different from that of fly fishing or even fresh water fishing.

To have a productive day out in the water, it is important to buy the gear that is best suited to the type of fishing you are planning to do. Take a look at the different kinds of Fishing Rods & Reels and find out what they are best suited for

Bait Casting Rods and Reels

With 2,900 miles of coastline and 400 miles of the Murray River to explore, there’s never a dull day when fishing South Australia.

Mostly used for freshwater fishing, bait casting rods are shorter than other types of rods (usually less than 6 ft) and the reel is mounted on the top of the handle. As the rod is cast, the spool is held in place and released at the right time by a button at the back of the reel.

This offers a high level of accuracy and control that is necessary for freshwater fishing.

Open-faced Spinning Rods and Reels

Here the reel is mounted under the handle of the rod and the spool is mounted on the end of the reel. These could be large surf fishing rigs that are over 8 ft long or ultra light gear used for smaller freshwater fish.

Spin Casting Rods and Reels

These combine features of the above two types of gear but here the spool is completely protected by a shield with a hole for the line to pass through. These are the easiest for beginner anglers.

Trolling Rods and Reels

These are similar to bait casting rods and reels with a few changes to make them more appropriate for trolling rather than casting. Trolling rods and reels are used from boats and are typically larger and sturdier as compared to the other types as they are usually used for larger fish.

Rule of Thumb Regarding Fishing Rods and Reels

With 2,900 miles of coastline and 400 miles of the Murray River to explore, there’s never a dull day when fishing South Australia.

For deep sea fishing where the fish are typically larger sized, you will need a larger, sturdier rod with a larger capacity reel. When fishing for smaller freshwater fish, a shorter rod with a smaller capacity reel works best.

The fishing rod should have enough ‘bend’ in it so that it will be able to flex when stressed. Rods that are too stiff are more likely to break and are also more difficult to cast. Using very light fishing rods and reels can restrict the size of fish you will be able to catch. Bigger fish will get away or even break your equipment.

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