Fishing South Australia

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With 2,900 miles of coastline and 400 miles of the Murray River to explore, there’s never a dull day when fishing South Australia.

Fishing can be done while dangling a line from a jetty or a riverbank, wading in the beach waters or taking a boat out into the ocean for that ultimate thrill. But where ever you fish in SA you are bound to have a great days fishing

fishing south australia

The waters around here are teeming with fish of all types but there are daily limits enforced by the fisheries departments. Before you embark on your South Australian fishing adventure, make a note of this important restriction.

Fishing for Giant Snapper in South Australian Waters

The waters of South Australia are home to the giant snapper and dreams of reeling in one of these beauties draws enthusiastic anglers from all over the world. If you sit around with some of the more experienced fishermen in the area, you will hear stories of catches in the 15-17 kg range! All true, too! I’ve seen the pictures.

The most promising location to chase big Red Snapper is Whyalla and the best part- you can fish here all year round. In addition to snapper, other exciting species you can expect to catch in Whyalla include Kingfish, garfish, whiting and salmon.

Great South Australian Fishing & Crabbing

Beach fishing South Australia is very popular with plenty of Australian salmon, mullet, flatheat, salmon trout and snook. Between the months of September and April, blue swimmer crabs abound in the shallow waters between Stansbury and Ardrossan. Crabbing is also popular in Wallaroo, Moonta Bay, Port Broughton and Port Hughes. Don’t forget to take along a rake along if you intend doing any crabbing.

Rough Surf and Big Fish

If you are looking for mulloway or gummy sharks, head on over to the southern beaches near Marion Bay. Catching a 36 kilo mulloway is considered common in these waters. You don’t even have to be very lucky to snag one of these beauties.

For a faster paced South Australian fishing experience, take a boat out to deeper waters to fish for trevally, morwong, snapper, kingfish, harlequin or mulloway.

Rapid Bay is the spot you want to fish at if you dream of snagging a prize-sized kingfish.At Victor Harbor, there’s mullet, bream, whiting, flatheat and garfish.

Fish Safety

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While fishing South Australia is every anglers dream come true, there are regulations pertaining to licenses, minimum sizes, protected species and bag limits.

To avoid stiff penalties for breaking the rules, get yourself a copy of the South Australian Recreational Fishing Guide before heading out to the waters. These are available free of charge at most shops that sell fishing gear.

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