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Fishing tackle Australia. It is essential to select the right fishing tackle to take on your next fishing trip.

In Australia what you use for fresh water fishing is different to what you need for salt water fishing.

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The fishing gear used when you are fresh water fishing is often not rugged enough for you to use for salt water fishing. The reasons for this is that fresh water fish do not fight as hard, nor are they as big as their salt water cousins.

What this means is that the fishing tackle you use to hook and fight fresh water fish species will simply not stand up to the harsh treatment dished out by salt water fish such as Marlin, Spanish Mackerel, Trevally or even a biggish Snapper.

So, it is all important to make sure that the gear you use is of the the right type, right quality,and strong enough to the job you need it too.

There is nothing worse than losing a big one because your reel or rod has busted when trying to land your big fish.

The fishing rods and reels I normally use are provided by Abu reels and Rods, you may prefer Shimano fishing class stuff by the way or Penn Rods and Reels which are also top class and used by many discerning anglers across the world.

With 2,900 miles of coastline and 400 miles of the Murray River to explore, there’s never a dull day when fishing South Australia.

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When fishing in Australia the fishing tackle that we have used in the past may have become outdated because of dramatically improving technology now utilized in rods, reels and lures.

We never seem to know what is the best, which makes it hard to know which brand to select and it's darned hard to use all brands of fishing tackle available to test which is best unless you happen to be a millionaire which I'm not.

Luckily for me the fishing tackle Australia is available all over

Hey, no need to worry as you can go to a fishing gear supplier or tackle shop and they can advise you on what to get and what to ignore as they have experts who will be delighted to advise you on what to choose.

Possibly the best fishing shop here in Australia, with multiple stores in almost every Australian state and with each store having an enormous range of fishing tackle, is that Aussie icon, BCF.

Not only do they supply fishing gear With 2,900 miles of coastline and 400 miles of the Murray River to explore, there’s never a dull day when fishing South Australia.

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but you can also select camping gear for your next fishing expedition as well.

BCF which also has a full range for your boating needs when you need use your boat to go fishing.

One thing I like about boating-camping-fishing is it does not matter a hoot which Aussie state I find myself in there are multiple BCF stores in most states to cater for our needs and their huge range means that a customer rarely walks away disappointed.

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