Flounder Fishing Australia

While flounder fishing in Australia can be done all year round, it is most productive during summer and from November to May.

Best Flounder Fishing Spots

Knowing a little bit about where flounders live and what they love to eat will give you pretty good pointers as to which are the best fishing spots.

Flounder are found mainly in brackish creeks where their favorite food of shrimp, tiny shellfish, copepods, whitebait and crabs are plentiful. These fish typically lie on the bottom floor and bury themselves in the mud or sand with only their eyes protruding and looking up for a meal.

Getting Their Attention

To get the attention of the fish, you will need to use sufficient sinker weight that will keep the bait on the bottom where the fish are most likely to be feeding. Because flounder depend on sight for food, you have a better chance of catching one in clean, clear water. The clearer the water, the better your odds. If the water looks murky in one location, move away from there and look for another location where the water is cleaner.

Best Bait When Fishing for Flounder by Boat

The best baits when fishing for flounder are frozen shiners or live minnows. You will hear many anglers debating about which one is more productive but from my experience, one of them is not necessarily better than the other.

Some days the flounder just prefer the shiners and other days they go for the minnows and it is almost impossible to tell which day it is till you’ve been at it for a while.

Determination is Key

If you are determined to catch a flounder and if you have time on your hands, the best thing to do is take two fishing rods and use different baits on the two.

The right way to hook the frozen shiner is through the eyes and for the live minnow you start under the chin and take the hook up through both lips. One way to ‘dress up’ your bait and make it more appealing is to dress it up with additional bait such as a strip of squid.

Best times for flounder fishing are three hours before and two hours after high tide and two hours before or after low tide.

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