Fly Fishing Australia

fly fishing australiaWith diverse waters and several hundred species of fish, fly fishing Australia offers unparalleled adventures that you are not likely to experience anywhere else!

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From Cape York in the north through to Tasmania in the south, you will find the excitement never stops when fly fishing in the waters Down Under.

Best Places for Fly Fishing in Australia

Cape York

Look no further than Cape York for the absolute best saltwater fly fishing in the world! Weipa, your jump off point for this region, is known as the Barramundi capital of Queensland.

Other sportfish species that can be found in these pristine waters include trevally, queenfish, tuna, fingermark, trevally, king salmon and blue salmon. The many rocky headlands, sand flats and shore reefs that dot the area are excellent for golden trevally, giant herring, tuna, and queenfish. Seasons play a major role in determining your target options.


Cairns is another popular location for fly fishing for the prized Australian Barramundi. Sizes vary from 1 kg to more than 20 kgs depending on the time of the year, temperature of the water and salinity levels of the water. Fishing season is closed from November till the end of January.

Sunshine Coast

fly fishing Fly fishing along the sunshine coast offers different experiences at different times of the year.

March to June promises plenty of tuna within a stone’s throw of the Mooloolaba Beach.

Other species in these waters include the yellowfin and striped tuna, kingfish, Cobia, bream, mangrove jack, whiting, Saratoga, trevally, perch and bass.


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With a huge variety of fishing options and fish species, Hinchinbrook offers an exciting experience while fly fishing Australia. Some of the more commonly targeted species include threadfin salmon, jungle perch, barramundi, sooty grunter, giant and golden trevally, permit, queenfish and giant trevally.

Fishing is great all year round in this region but the best time for Barramundi fishing is from February to May and then from August to December

Fly Fishing Australia: Doing it Right

Whether you are fly fishing for bass, barramundi or any other species, choosing the right fly fishing tools will determine the measure of your success. Look for the best fly fishing poles and fly tying vises you can afford so you are not left disappointed at the end of the day.

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