How To Fly Fish: The Basics

Learning how to fly fish is an art. Once you master this art, you will be hooked for life!

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The difference between fly fishing and other types of fishing is that fly anglers cast a hook using bits of fur, feathers, foam, yarn and other similar materials that are attached to a thread. The fly basically represents some type of insect that the fish feed upon.

how to fly fish

Basics of Fly Fishing

The most important thing in fly fishing is that the fly should be very light so that when it is cast into water, it looks like an insect that is skimming the surface of the water.

Basic Fly Fishing Gear

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When you are learning how to fly fish, don’t make the mistake of buying the cheapest fly tying tools you can find. The art of tying flies is very precise and calls for precise tools. It is far better to look for bargains on high quality gear. Several manufacturers offer good quality tools at reasonable prices.

Fly Fishing Rod: Fly fishing rods are very thin and extremely flexible. They are generally made of graphite, carbon fiber or fiberglass

Different Types of Flies: Different fish prefer different types of insects and other baits so it is a good idea to have a variety of flies to use as bait when you go out fly fishing so you can choose the right fly for the specific fish you are targeting and if you can do that you will have a much better chance of catching the fish you are after. Different Weights of Lines: This comes into play if you find yourself in waters with fish of different sizes and species. While your fly rod will also influence what line to use, you will need a heavier line to catch that prize sized trout or bass or even a barramundi!

Fly fishing the creek

A Good Pair of Pliers:

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When fly fishing Australia, you will find that many rivers and streams are meant exclusively for catch and release fishing, which means you will need to let the fish go. It is important to do this gently and remove the hook out of the fish’s mouth without injuring it. For this you will need a good pair of fishing pliers.

Use barbless hooks which will facilitate much easy releasing and less injury to the fish caught.

Learning How to Fly Fish

how fly fishingAlso includes learning to choose the appropriate clothes to wear when fly fishing. A good pair of waders will help keep you dry while you go after your fish.

If you are planning on fishing mostly in deeper waters, you may want to consider getting yourself chest high waders.

You will also need a fishing vest with lots of pockets to hold your assortment of flies and other bits of gear.

And you might need a pair of these

Rubber Hip Boots keep yoy dry

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