Fishing Australia:
An Endless Adventure

Welcome to fishing Australia! With thousands of kilometres of pristine coastline and countless lakes, rivers, harbours and bays to fish from all year round, it’s not surprising that fishing is a national pastime Down Under.

Rock Fishing - Hillarys Boat Harbour

Mates at Hillarys boat harbour
Where you will be able to catch nice big snapper along with bream and a fish I have never seen caught in shallow water before, that great table fish the dhufish. Australia has a lot of the worlds best fishing destinations with some of the best accommodation very close by and ideal for those who go fishing for two or more days at a time.

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You may prefer to camp on your fishing trip and there are a number of different options available perhaps in a tent or alternatively a camper trailer and towing a caravan is a good way to go too.

Australia also has tens of thousands of caravan parks which provide all the options above for you fishing accommodation.

On the other hand there are tons of camping sites scattered all over Australia for the angler to choose from on the next fishing trip.

Plus for those who love a bit of comfort or even some luxury such as hotels and resorts, motels, home stays and there's plenty around for any fisho's delight.

Coming as soon as poss.

Fishing accommodation in every state of Australian fishing destinations.

And now you can find some great fishing accommodation in the northern areas of Western Australia just click the link or the pictures to find the available accommodation, you will find lots of great fishing accommodation in the northern areas of Western Australia where the fishing is absolutely fantastic and the more southern ares will be here shortly.

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Rods and reels

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As for me, I cannot imagine a life without fishing.

From going out into the open seas chasing prized Barras and Marlins, to fly fishing in lakes and surfcasting from the beach just a few steps from home.

I’ve done it all and have lots of fisherman’s stories of my own.


Nearly every fishing trip has brought unexpected excitement. Fishing in Australia has truly been an endless adventure! You’ll hear it said all the time, "Australia is an angler’s paradise". Take it from an old "seadog" who’s been there; done that- it’s true! Those stories you've heard about 5 meter long Whiter Pointers and 60 lb Barramundi! All of it is true and only possible when fishing in Australia. So come along and enjoy the adventure. With so many prized sized fish inhabiting our waters, you could be the lucky one posing with that prized fish! Even if you don't get to catch yourself a price you will certainly hook some great fighting fish and many are suitable for the table

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Best Fishing Spots Down Under

While the whole of Australia is an angler’s playground, here’s a guide to the hot spots in the different regions for those who have limited time:

Fishing Western Australia

If you enjoy sport fishing you will love fishing in Western Australia.

Western Australia fish range from...

  • smallish Bream
  • Whiting
  • Herring and Flathead
  • To the bigger Coral Trout
  • Snapper
  • Yellowfin Tuna
  • Spanish Mackerel
  • Trevally
  • Onto the huge Marlin
  • Sailfish
  • Sharks
  • Barramundi caught in the Kimberley region of WA.

It's all here just waiting to be caught.

Other great WA fishing spots you might like to have a go at are...

  • Montebello islands
  • Kalbarri
  • Exmouth
  • Fitzroy River
  • Rottnest Island
  • Abrolhos Islands

When fishing in Western Australia it might be a good idea to check out the local fishing charters in each locality.

In Perth one of the best is Mills Charters who do fishing charters here in Perth and in the Abrolhus Islands plus they do great whale watching trips close to Perth which I went on today and it was great.

A wonderful boat and a very informative and friendly crew who know their stuff. We saw a good count of Humpback whales both young and older ones.

All in all a great trip well worth the time and money spent.

Charter boat a real good on

Fishing in Queensland

Queensland has some of the best and most beautiful fishing destinations in Australia Fishing in Queensland is very special, partly because of it's long coastline, but the very nature of the fishing there and it's magnificent diversity is what should put it at the very top of the tree.

Other magnificent QLD fishing destinations worth a good try are...

  • Cairns
  • Townsville
  • Mackay
  • Bundaberg
  • Noosa
  • Brisbane

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Fishing in NSW

Fishing in New South Wales offers a wealth of diversity in terms of fishing experiences.
With plenty of bass hot spots, NSW offers the best bass fishing opportunities ever!
NSW is not just about bass and other fresh water species but is also about the fantastic salt water fishing spots they have available for you to enjoy.
  • Other great NSW fishing destinations just waiting for you to have a go are...

  • Windamere Dame
  • Lake Munmorah
  • Pelican Point
  • Byron Bay
  • Kangaroo River
  • Port Stephens

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Fishing in Victoria

From salt water fishing to freshwater lakes and rivers Victoria has it all.

The mighty Murray River where the Murray Cod hangs out to beautiful coastal settings and many pristine rivers and lakes abound in Victoria.

Other great fishing places are plentiful in Victoria such as

Fishing the Northern Territory

Ahh! what a thrill it is to go fishing in the Northern Territory which is excellent all year round.
Darwin fishing has lots of excitement and the species you are likely to find when fishing are Barramundi Saratoga, coral trout, jewfish and golden snapper to name but a few.
  • And there are plenty of other great spots for an angler to dip a line in knowing that a biggie will soon bite. Such as...

  • Darwin Harbour
  • Mary River
  • Daly River
  • Kakadu National Park

Fishing in Tasmania

Tasmania what a place to be Fishing in Tasmania is an endlessly exciting adventure.

The proximity of the continental shelf to the shore and the varied underwater terrain combine to produce some sensational game fishing opportunities and the scenery is something very special indeed.

Tasmania has even more beautiful fishing spots on offer, such as

  • St. Helens
  • Tyenna River
  • Arthurs Lake
  • Pedra Branca, Tasman Peninsula and Pirates Bay
  • D'Entrecasteaux Channel

Fishing Charters Whitsundays

Fishing in the Whitsundays is magnificent and Fishing charters Whitsundays will provide you with the very best..

  • Game Fishing Hub
  • Game Fishing Blogs
  • Game Fishing Forums
  • Game Fishing Tournaments
  • Destinations
  • Photo Galleries
  • Photo Competition
  • Game Fishing Charters
  • Fishing Reports.

Fish Responsibly

When fishing Australia please make sure you do so within the laid down rules and regulations.

Most important of all, you need a licence to fish in these waters. In addition to that, boat, bag and size limits apply to most fish species caught in Australian waters.

These limits vary from one state to another and also from one season to another.

Some species have open seasons when you are allowed to fish for them and closed seasons when you cannot.

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Some species are endangered and completely protected. All of these rules are put in place to ensure the safety of the species and to ensure the continuity of the sport for future generations.

Guidebooks are freely available at most fishing outlets and it is best to have one of these to refer to so you do not fall foul of the law when fishing Australia.


Fishing can be exhilarating! Sometimes you will need to plan extensively but sometimes, when you are totally unprepared, magic just happens!

Fishing in South Australia can be done while dangling a line from a jetty or a riverbank such as the mighty Murray river.

Fishing in South Australia

  • Adelaide: Fleurieu
  • Kangaroo Island
  • Eyre Peninsula Region
  • So Fishing in South Australia with 2,900 miles of coastline and 400 miles of the Murray River there's never a dull moment when fishing in South Australia.

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