Kayak Fishing

With ideal weather and water conditions, kayak fishing Australia is growing by leaps and bounds. The biggest attraction of course is the potential of catching some HUGE species while kayak fishing in these waters.

kayak fishing australia

  There’s marlin, cobia, snapper, sailfish and kingfish to name just a few.For anyone who loves kayaking and fishing, this is a fantastic way to combine their two passions for an exhilarating day out in the water!

Factors to Consider

When Kayak Fishing

There are a few factors you will need to take into consideration when you are planning on going kayak fishing in Australia.

Watch the Weather

Weather and water are the most crucial factors. Ideal weather for kayak fishing is calm and not too cold. Windy days and big waves go hand in hand and that makes for a poor day out in the kayak. You’ll find yourself battling to keep the kayak up and it can be very difficult to fish while doing that. It could also be dangerous.

Kayaks are very unstable in the rougher weather and even a small wave can turn a Kayak over and the occupants will end up head down in the water.

  A number of people here in Australia have lost their lives when using kayaks so for your sake and the well being of your family and friends stay safe out there on the water.

Keep your Kayak Gear Dry & Strapped In

Chances are that even the most experienced kayaker will roll over and fall into the water while kayak fishing. Sponsored ads:

You are after all, focusing on two completely different activities- reeling in the fish and steadying your craft. What will take precedence at that moment? Even if your kayak has never rolled over before, it’s always better to be prepared. You don’t want to lose your emergency survival equipment and all those expensive kayak fishing accessories.

Secure Kayak Gear

The best way to secure your kayak gear is to strap down and stash away the items you do not need immediately. For the things you need to keep handy, attach them with a long, spiral or elastic cord. Strap everything including your paddle. It could slip overboard while you are reeling in your catch.

Whether you roll over or not, water is bound to get into your kayak. Pack all your expensive non-water proof equipment such as cell phones, cameras and binoculars in water tight containers or heavy plastic bags. Don’t forget to water proof your lunch too!

Whether you are kayak fly fishing or kayak fishing in Australia, taking a few precautionary measures before you set out will ensure that you have a safe and thrilling day out in the waters fighting those big fish!

We really hope you found this information useful, if you need further advice or help please contact Chris .

Kayak fly fishing

Kayak fly fishing is an extraordinary experience in that it combines two thrilling pursuits - kayaking and fly fishing! It’s a lot of fun! 

Fly fishing from a kayak is not much different from regular fly fishing. You use the same gear and the same techniques. The only difference is instead of casting while wading in the water you are casting out from inside a kayak. 

Best Spots for Kayak Fly Fishing

The best places for fly fishing with a kayak are pretty much the same as for conventional fly fishing- shallow banks and waters with no surf and no strong currents.  Sponsored ads:

While it would be really convenient if you could find a small, low pier from where you could launch your kayak into the water, unfortunately, it’s not always easy to find a pier in the better fly fishing spots.Ideally, you should find a spot where you can get into the kayak while it is almost freely floating and push off.


Kayak Fishing Gear

Kayak fishing calls for the same gear that you would tote along for fly fishing without a kayak. The type and length of the rod and the weight of the line should be determined by the type of fish you are targeting and not the fact that you are fishing from a kayak. That does not really come into the equation. 

Kayak Fly Fishing Tips & Precautions

One of the biggest ‘snags’ a fly angler usually faces is that the fly line does tend to catch on just anything and everything. Well, it’s the same when fly fishing from the kayak. 

Before you set out, it’s a good idea to take the necessary precautions so you can prevent this from happening. Believe me, you do not want to be struggling with removing the fly line while your kayak is threatening to roll over in the middle of the water. 

Protecting yourself is simple. Just drape a towel over your lower torso and the fly line will not have anything to latch onto. 

To protect your gear, keep only the bare minimum in the cockpit and stash the rest behind your seat. Look around the cockpit area and if you see anything that the fly line could get snagged on to, put some duct tape over it. That’s it! You’re ready for a great day out fly fishing in your kayak!

Kayak Gear The Basics

When you are looking for kayak gear, keep in mind that the space in the kayak is limited and it is important to be very selective about what you buy. However, within the space constraints, there are a few basic tools and equipment that are absolutely necessary - some are needed for your safety whereas others will help make your kayak more angler friendly. 

Basic Kayak Gear

  • Rod Holders
  • Rod holders help you secure your rod safety while trolling, fishing or even while paddling. Some kayaks come with the rod holders built in. If there is no built-in rod holder, some kayak dealers will rig one up for you depending on your needs. 

  • Life Vest

    When kayak fishing, the odds are high that you will roll over and fall into the water and no matter how good a swimmer you may be, wearing a life vest is a must. 

    The vest should be well-fitting for it to do a good job of keeping you afloat. You will find a wide range of life vests available, from basic bright orange safety vests to high end inflatable styles with multiple pockets, radar reflectors and other safety features. My advice would be to buy the best one you can afford. 

  • Spray Skirt
  • An important part of your kayak fishing gear, the spray skirt helps prevent water from getting inside the vessel. Too much water inside the kayak makes it difficult to manoeuvre.

  • Seat
  • At the end of a long day kayak fishing, your butt and your back will thank you for a soft seat. Not all kayaks come with a seat and in those that do, the way they are fitted could differ greatly. Some come with detachable seats that can be taken off for washing and stowing away. Some come with large pockets that can hold your water bottle, thermos and lunch box.

  • Paddle
  • Paddles also come in a large variety and the right one for you would depend upon a large number of factors. Taking what the dealer recommends within your budget is a good idea.

  • Anchor
  • Sponsored ads:

    An anchor will keep you where you want to be no matter what the current weather condition. This then is your basic kayak gear when you go out kayak fishing. 

    You will find a lot more options available. What you choose to buy will depend upon several factors- where, when and for how long you intend going out fishing in your kayak as well as your experience level.

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