Kayak Fly Fishing

Kayak fly fishing is an extraordinary experience in that it combines two thrilling pursuits - kayaking and fly fishing! It’s a lot of fun!

Fly fishing from a kayak is not much different from regular fly fishing. You use the same gear and the same techniques. The only difference is instead of casting while wading in the water you are casting out from inside a kayak.

Best Spots for Kayak Fly Fishing?

The best places for fly fishing with a kayak are pretty much the same as for conventional fly fishing- shallow banks and waters with no surf and no strong currents.

While it would be really convenient if you could find a small, low pier from where you could launch your kayak into the water, unfortunately, it’s not always easy to find a pier in the better fly fishing spots.Ideally, you should find a spot where you can get into the kayak while it is almost freely floating and push off.

Kayak Fishing Gear

Kayak fishing calls for the same gear that you would tote along for fly fishing without a kayak. The type and length of the rod and the weight of the line should be determined by the type of fish you are targeting and not the fact that you are fishing from a kayak. That does not really come into the equation.

Kayak Fly Fishing Tips & Precautions

One of the biggest ‘snags’ a fly angler usually faces is that the fly line does tend to catch on just anything and everything. Well, it’s the same when fly fishing from the kayak.

Before you set out, it’s a good idea to take the necessary precautions so you can prevent this from happening. Believe me, you do not want to be struggling with removing the fly line while your kayak is threatening to roll over in the middle of the water.

Protecting yourself is simple. Just drape a towel over your lower torso and the fly line will not have anything to latch onto.

To protect your gear, keep only the bare minimum in the cockpit and stash the rest behind your seat. Look around the cockpit area and if you see anything that the fly line could get snagged on to, put some duct tape over it. That’s it! You’re ready for a great day out fly fishing in your kayak!

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