Kayak Gear The Basics

When you are looking for kayak gear, keep in mind that the space in the kayak is limited and it is important to be very selective about what you buy. However, within the space constraints, there are a few basic tools and equipment that are absolutely necessary - some are needed for your safety whereas others will help make your kayak more angler friendly.

Basic Kayak Gear

Rod Holders

Rod holders help you secure your rod safety while trolling, fishing or even while paddling. Some kayaks come with the rod holders built in. If there is no built-in rod holder, some kayak dealers will rig one up for you depending on your needs.

Life Vest

When kayak fishing, the odds are high that you will roll over and fall into the water and no matter how good a swimmer you may be, wearing a life vest is a must.

The vest should be well-fitting for it to do a good job of keeping you afloat. You will find a wide range of life vests available, from basic bright orange safety vests to high end inflatable styles with multiple pockets, radar reflectors and other safety features. My advice would be to buy the best one you can afford.

Spray Skirt

An important part of your kayak fishing gear, the spray skirt helps prevent water from getting inside the vessel. Too much water inside the kayak makes it difficult to manoeuvre.


At the end of a long day kayak fishing, your butt and your back will thank you for a soft seat. Not all kayaks come with a seat and in those that do, the way they are fitted could differ greatly. Some come with detachable seats that can be taken off for washing and stowing away. Some come with large pockets that can hold your water bottle, thermos and lunch box.


Paddles also come in a large variety and the right one for you would depend upon a large number of factors. Taking what the dealer recommends within your budget is a good idea.


An anchor will keep you where you want to be no matter what the current weather condition. This then is your basic kayak gear when you go out kayak fishing.

You will find a lot more options available. What you choose to buy will depend upon several factors- where, when and for how long you intend going out fishing in your kayak as well as your experience level.

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