Kids fishing is tons of fun for

The whole family

Taking kids fishing is an adventure for the entire family that every family member reveres for their whole lifetime.

When learning to fish most kids are taught to fish by their parents and in turn pass the same lessons on to their young ones.

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But when it comes to learning to fish I tend to wonder just how many mums and dads are teachers in real life.

We parents don't know everything about fishing, after all, we are generally stuck in 1 town while bringing our kids up and naturally try to show them as much as we can about fishing and all the other life challenges they may have to face. But

Family fishing and fishing with kids is always a relaxing day out for all, and when one of the kids fishing gets a bite on their line it is all excitement and more so when everyone sees that fish coming in on the end of the little ones line.

A Dad teaching his son how to fish

Just think of the extra pleasure you would get on a family picnic if you have your fishing gear with you, it gets ten times better than just having a family picnic and the kids won't be bored or restless they just love fishing.

The greatest joy for any fisherman is to share the enjoyment of fishing with our children, so teaching them how  to fish should be your topmost priority.

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This will be fun because children love the idea of joining in an adult pursuit with Dad and Mom and the exciting pastime of fishing is exhilarating for their young and receptive minds.

But a word of caution, children have quite short attention spans and expecting them to fish for a number of  hours especially when the fish aren't biting can turn a fun fishing jaunt into a day of frustration.

A fun fishing day out with the kids should have them as the primary focus and fishing being just part  of the days entertainment.

A little girl fishing and loving it

Patience when taking the kids fishing is something Moms and Dads have to develop as kids are not as quick off the mark as we adults are and frustration can make us short tempered with our children when they make silly mistakes with what we have just taught them about casting, retrieving etc.

But keep on persisting and be gentle with them as they will learn given the time and they will also learn by your patient and persistant teaching and what their experiences are when they are actually fishing.

  • Always fish with with another person, a teenager or an adult. This could be an older bro or sis or your parents or family friend.
  • Make sure that you always tell your parents or other adult where you're heading of fishing, who you're going out with and how long you will be.
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  • When you carry your rod please make sure you hold it horizontal and hook your hook in one of your rods eyelet to prevent accidently hooking someone.
  • You should have on your feet slip less shoes or boots to prevent slipping and falling on slippery surfaces.
  • Always make sure you wear a hat with a wide brim + take your sunglasses and sunscreen with you when fishing.
  • When you fish near other people keep yourself about ten meters away from them as you don't want your next catch to be a fellow fisherman/woman.
  • Look overhead for any types of obstructions such as, tree branches or power lines.
  • Grab some food and water for yourself and fishing friend, no good coming down because of a lack of food or water.
  • Be careful of the sharp spikes on any fish's fins and do not spike yourself, it hurts. Some fish such as catfish and flat head have spines near their gills to watch out for.
  • It is necessary to take a first aid kit and perhaps nail clippers to cut a tangled line
  • When beach fishing with your kids be aware that there are sting rays in our waters and the sting from the barb on their tails can make a grown man cry and it's even more devastating and painful for a young child so, be with them and keep your eyes peeled for sting rays. The same applies with Jelly fish so be aware of them too.

    A sting from either creature can turn a fishing expedition into an absolute disaster!

    A little guy enjoying one of lifes treats

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