How to Catch a Marlin Fish

Marlin fish will give you the best days fishing in your lifetime and a more than happy memory to boot as well as a great story to tell your friends and family.

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These great sport fish are one of the world's best fighting fish and most anglers desire to catch a marlin as their fighting ability and their spectacular leaps out of the water are truly awe inspiring and the sense of pride a fisho feels when he or she catches a marlin fish is something very special indeed which all anglers find out when they catch one of these magnificent fighting marlin.

Marlin fishing hot spots map

Marlin can be found in a number of places around Australia such as Queensland, New South Wales and many areas in Western Australia and where ever you go to try for a marlin fish hanging around the few big to large ones.

Australia is renowned for the quality and size of the marlin and rightly so as many a world record marlin have been landed here.

Top Tips for Reeling in Marlin Fish

What to use.

Rods, Reels, Line and lures and baits

When fishing for these fighters you will need to use good to great quality rods, reels, line and lures or bait to  give you the very best chance of having a successful day catching these magnificent sport fish. Sponsored ads

Marlin are not a small fish, they are big and heavy and the spectacular leaps they make out of the water puts a heck of a strain on the gear you are using not to mention a big strain on your body so using quality fishing gear is a must. After all you do not want to go home empty handed do you after spending quite a few bucks on your marlin fishing trip.

But don't go overboard and spend to much of your hard earned money.

For the sake of a few extra dollars purchase the best you can afford.

Marlin courtesy

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Marlin fishing can be a costly exercise particularly if you live far from the marlin fishing grounds and have to pay for accommodation and meals not to mention the cost of getting there.

Whether you live close by or far away you will most likely need a marlin fishing charter which can cost you a great many dollars per day.

Marlin Fishing Charters

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How much do they cost? up to $3000 per day

But if you live close to hand a few thousand bucks for a marlin fishing charter can see you out there marlin fishing for the the best days fishing in your life.

The International Game Fishing Association keeps records of Marlin fish caught that are over 1,000 pounds using fishing equipment set within the guidelines of the International Game Fishing Rules. 70% of all marlin over a 1000 pounds  are caught off the Great Barrier Reef between Cairns and Lizard Island.

Top 3 marlin catches are

# 1,220 lbs by Geoff Keato of Australia

# 1,218 lbs by Rene Tomuszewski of France

# 1,186 lbs by Bobby Taft of America

Marlin Tournaments

  • Lizard Island Classic
  • - Heavy Tackle is needed to take these ones on. 
  • Townsville Billfish Tournament.
  • Innisfail Light Tackle Tournament.
  • Cairns Ribbons Tournament.
  • Hinchinbrook Classic.
  • Australian Invitational Billfish Tournament.

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