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Dear Chris
Thank you for your suggestions. but I can't. Because of our is manufactures. Profit is very low.Generally, products we make belong to other people's brand.

I have been thinking about how to make our products sell well.Our regulations never sponsorship. hope you can understand.Our website; http://www. psdofishing.com,if you interested in, please tell me ,I will give you a good price.If you have parameters. pictures. we can make it. 

Best regards
Looking forwards to replyshannon
Dear ChrisYou will have to give us rods reels and other fishing items that you own so we can copy them We can put your brand name on the rods and reels we manufactures if that pleases you dear Chris
Looking forwards to reply

Hi Shannon I have replied to you previously and the products and companies on my web site have provided me with good quality rods, reels, fishing line and lots of lures, sinkers, hooks and everything  else needed by an angle to have a productive day. 

They have provided this tackle to me free of charge and the charter companies have given me free charters when I need one, they do this to have a presence on my site.

All products on my site are available in many locations across Australia making it easy for an anglerto get the gear he or she needs.

Shannon I have no desire to buy fishing equipment at my cost for you to copy, manufacture and send back here for me to sell.As far as I know it is Illegal to copy and sell another brands fishing equipment here in Australia and inmost other countries here in the west.

For you to break into the fishing market here in Western Australia will be very costly exercise not to mention breaking into the same market place in our other states which will cost even more and these costs should be borne by yourcompany and not by me.

You are much bigger than I am and to make money here you will need to invest heavily in infrastructure here to storewhat you make and you will need to cover the transport costs from China to Australia.

I have invested 350 hours talking and showing you what you need to know to succeed here including creating a picture and writing a business plan for you and your company Shannon.

What you need is a very real presence here in Australia and I might be able to help you with that as I know of many retail tackle shops that might like to sell your products if their customer can buy a productoff the shelf.

Generally speaking it would be unacceptable to an angler here or else where to wait for 25-35 days to receive an ordered product, so if you seek a larger presence here you will need to have local retail fishing stores selling your products just like they sell Abu reels for instance.

I have noticed a lot of Chinese companies and manufactures buying into Australian companies and also buying lots of land here which I approve of and this gives you an opportunity to do something similar.

You may choose to sponsor my web site and perhaps employ me to approach Australian tackle shops on your behalf.

I will be happy to be your representative here in my countryIf you choose to sponsor my site you will get a new page dedicated to http://www.psdofishing.com This page would feature your company and your products alone.

All the very best to you and I hope we can do business together.
With respect. Chris Ryan.