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Saltwater fishing knots are important if you are keen on fishing the open seas, it's important to first learn how to tie the different types of knots and which knot is the best to use for each situation.

Saltwater fish are generally bigger and stronger than their fresh water cousins and the knot should be durable and strong enough to handle the fight that the fish will put up.

Knowing how to tie the knot properly is the key to reeling in your fish successfully. Believe me, there’s nothing more disappointing then losing a fish to a badly tied knot!

4 Salt water Fishing Knot Basics

Before you learn about the different types of salt water fishing knots, it pays to keep these 4 points in mind:

  1. Choose the appropriate fishing knot
  2. Tie the knot correctly and as tightly as possible
  3. Lubricating knots with saliva or water will help you make a tighter knot that will not unravel easily
  4. Tag ends should be trimmed as close to the knot as possible

Different Types of Saltwater Fishing Knots & Where to Use Them

While there are several different types of saltwater fishing knots but you would rarely use them all. Below are some of the most used knots for saltwater fishing.

  • Uni-Knot: A versatile knot, this is good for connecting the line to the lure, snap or swivel. It is strong, easy to tie and will prove itself in many different situations.
  • Albright Knot: Usually used for joining monofilament lines of unequal diameters
  • Blood Knot: Most often used to connect two similar sizes of monofilament line
  • Bimini Twist: Used to make a double line leader with shock resistance. Very effective for hard fighting fish that are caught on fly gear or light tackle
  • Palomar Knot: A very strong knot, works very well with braided line and commonly used for connecting fly, lure and terminal tackle to the line
  • Spider Hitch: Another strong knot popularly used to make a free standing loop at the end of the line
  • Surgeon’s Knot: Commonly used to join two pieces of monofilament line
You cannot buy good fishing knots but a little bit of practice tying the different types of salt fishing knots will pay rich dividends on a day out at sea.

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