Tips For Choosing
Saltwater Fishing Reels

The criteria for choosing saltwater fishing reels are quite different from that of freshwater fishing reels. The fishing conditions are completely different and so are the types of fish you can expect to catch.

When looking for saltwater fishing reels, consider these 3 factors first:

Is the Reel Powerful Enough?

Don’t underestimate the power of saltwater fish. Some species of fish in the deep waters can be large and powerful. They will put up a fight and have the whole ocean to tow your line around. You absolutely must have the equipment to handle this power. Make no mistake about that. To be able to hold your own against the fish, you will need a reel that can hold an absolute minimum of 100 meters backing. Better still if you have 200 meters.

Is the Reel Saltwater Resistant?

Saltwater and air will quickly corrode and damage freshwater equipment that is not designed to withstand the ravages of this type of environment. Salt water fishing reels are typically made from titanium, stainless steel and resin, which will last much longer under these conditions.

Does the Reel Have a Good Drag System?

A smooth drag is crucial. Most saltwater species will run faster and fight longer than any freshwater fish and take it from an old seadog, you do not want to try using a hand drag to try and stop it. The flying handles could just take your knuckles off! At the very least, you will lose your fly line and backing.

Types of Saltwater Fishing Reels

There are 4 main types of reels used in saltwater fishing:

1.Spinning Reels: These are the easiest to use and are most popular with newbie anglers who have yet to get their feet wet. With these reels you do not have to worry so much about backlash. Whether you choose an ultralight, light or heavy weight reel will depend on what type of saltwater fishing you are planning on doing. Spinning reels are typically used for inshore fishing.

2. Baitcast Reels: Baitcast reels are sturdier and more powerful. They are very capable of handling heavy line weights and the drag system and are a great choice for a day out saltwater fishing in deeper waters. These reels will automatically adjust itself to keep up with the resistance of the fish you catch.

3. Fly Reels: Fly reels are typically used in fly fishing.

4. Spincast Reels: While these are generally used as start out reels for younger kids, some of the newer spincast reels that are available are designed to be tough and powerful enough to reel in a mid-sized fish that is putting up a fight.

Choosing the right saltwater fishing reels is crucial to you having a productive day out in the deep waters.

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