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I thought I’d put together a few saltwater fishing tips that will help you choose the right equipment for a day out at sea. Whether you choose to fish in shallow waters or you prefer sailing out into the deep-ocean, saltwater fishing promises to be an exciting adventure! On a good day, you could find yourself face to face with some pretty big and mean species of fish!

saltwater fishing tips

If you are headed out to do some saltwater fishing, choosing the right gear is crucial. The wrong choices could very well prevent you from having your very own ‘fisherman’s stories’ to regale everyone with.

On to the saltwater fishing tips then:

Tips for Choosing the Right Fishing Rod

Saltwater fishing rods are typically made of fibreglass, graphite or carbon fibre. Which one should you choose? It depends on what kind of fish you hope to catch.

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  • Fibreglass rods are tough, flexible and powerful enough to withstand the fight put up by heavy fish.
  • Graphite is more responsive but it is also more brittle and more suited for light biters.
  • Carbon fibre performs better and is more sensitive than graphite and it is stronger and heavier too.
  • Graphite and carbon fibre are a better choice for long casts as they have a faster response as compared to fibreglass rods.

Tips for Choosing the Right Fishing Line

As with the rods, your choice of line will depend on the type of fishing you intend doing

  • Monofilament is capable of stretching and is perfect for trolling
  • Braided line is low-diameter and sensitive , making it excellent for bottom fishing
  • Fluorocarbon works well as a leader material because it is practically invisible under water

Tips for Choosing Saltwater Fishing Lures

When picking a lure for saltwater fishing, you will need to consider how the fish are feeding.

  • Jigs will help you attract fish that graze along the bottom while deep-diving plugs and metal spoons are better suited to predators hunting the lower waters.
  • Popping corks, jigs, shallow-running plugs and swimming shad are good choices for working the mid-level waters and will also attract bottom dwellers looking for a meal that is passing above
  • Choose weightless soft plastics and topwater plugs if you are fishing early morning or just before dark when the fish are usually feeding on the surface.

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Size and colour are equally important factors when picking saltwater fishing lures. Brighter lures are more effective in clearer waters and darker lures in off-coloured waters and the size should match the natural prey of the fish you are going after.

The excitement that saltwater fishing offers is incomparable and these few saltwater fishing tips for choosing the right rod, line and lures will help you have a truly seaworthy trip.

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