Sambo Jigging

Where to find them. How to catch them

Tens of thousands of anglers love Sambo jigging because the efforts they put in usually result in spectacular catches which is why we all love the sport of fishing.

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Samson fish or Sambos can be caught all year round, but in general, the larger specimens are found during breeding season. Sambos breed in the period between Nov and Feb and there is no off season for catching them.

The summer months are when Sambos are found near the wrecks west of Rottnest Island.
To catch them you will need some heavy line, a strong leader and some big jigs.

Summer sees more of them than other times of the year leading to even bigger and better catches.

When you utilize 40lb braid and 60lb leader you should stop any Sambo in it's tracks. Jigging for Sambo's is best done in deep waters of 100 to 200 meters depth.

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They are found from anywhere from Shark Bay to Perth and south of Perth. Their habitat is around wrecks, piers and other underwater structures. They can be taken when fishing of rocks or the beach but the most productive way of catching them is by boat far enough out to be over deep water.

Sambos love live herring and slimy mackerel when it comes to bait but are more than happy to grab a lure.

Samson fish are not considered a good table fish but the smaller ones are quite tasty but having said that there are plenty of other species that taste much better.

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If you don't own a boat but would still like to fish for them out deep why not consider getting on a fishing charter such as salt water fishing charters they are good at finding Sambos and have a boat well set up to catch heaps of them.

My own trip with them was very productive indeed and I loved each and every moment of it. The only regret I had was that at the end of the day we had to come home, "Bummer"

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