Snapper Fishing Australia

Snapper fishing in the waters of South Australia is one of the highlights for most recreational anglers. While snapper of around 8 to 9 kg are usually considered trophy size in most other waters, in parts of South Australia snapper regularly exceed 12 kg, which adds to the thrill of fishing in these waters.

Tips for Snapper Fishing

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The key to fishing for snapper is to be prepared. Snapper are a fish of habit. They will typically turn up at the same spot at the same time of the year, every year.

Following these patterns in their movement will help you know where the fish are most likely to be and makes it easier to target the fish more specifically. The fish begin moving out to the deeper reefs around mid to late October and start returning to more shallow waters around late May to early June.

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The best way to keep track is to keep a diary and keep a log of the number of fish caught in earlier years at that particular spot during a specific time frame. You will see that the details will be almost similar every year for the same location and same time span. Every angler keen on catching a Big Red will have one of these snapper diaries, which gives them insight into the fishes’ habitat and helps improve their catch rate.

Snapper Habitat

Snappers also love structure and will typically feed over various patches of gravel, patches of reef or broken bottom 20-150 meters deep especially those close to structures such as islands, headlands and pinnacles. Local knowledge can be a huge plus.

If you are considering fishing for snapper take time to befriend the locals. You will get some invaluable pointers as to the best place and best time to fish.

Best Bait When Fishing For Snapper

While snappers are typically bottom feeders, they are also opportunistic and will bite at anything that looks fresh and is well presented. Fresh bait is the key to being successful. Snappers usually inhabit areas where their favoured food is found in abundance and will totally ignore bait that is unappealing or does not look fresh.

Fresh cuttlefish and squid are the best bait choices for snapper fishing. Other choices include lightly weighted baits of cut fish flesh especially bonito, tuna, octopus and prawn. T read more on Snapper click on Australian snapper one of the very best table fish you can catch.

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