Squid Fishing Australia

Squid fishing in Australia is hugely popular, especially in the southern Australian waters. If you’d like to try your hand at this type of fishing, it is important to learn a little bit about the best fishing spots and best bait to use.

Best Places to Find Squid

squid fishingSquids are typically found in schools of up to 200. They usually hang around sea grass beds, kelp beds, mussel beds and reefs as these environments provide them the ideal cover that they need to ambush their prey as well as a shelter to hide from their predators. Sponsored ads

They are also attracted towards man-made structures such as jetty pylons, boat moorings and rock breakwaters. Squid never stray far from their shelter and fishing in and around these types of environments, where the water is clear and has a depth of around 15 feet can yield fantastic results.

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Best Times to go Fishing for Squid in Australia

Best times to go fishing for squid are early morning and late evening. If you are fishing from a jetty or pier that has artificial lighting, you can actually fish through the night! When fishing for squid from a jetty, look for ink stains that may be around the jetty. These act as excellent indicators of which are the best spots.

Best Locations for Fishing Squid in Australia

Some of the best locations to go looking for squid in Australia include:


  • Port Phillip Bay
  • St.Leonards - Portarlington
  • Altona / Williamstown
  • San Remo
  • Queenscliff
  • Woolami
  • Kilcunda
  • Mt Martha
  • Phillip Island, South West Coast
  • Westernport Bay, Hastings - Stony Point
  • Waratah Bay
  • Mornington
  • Torquay
  • Tasman Sea
  • Barwon Heads/Ocean Grove
  • Port Fairy
  • Wilsons Promontory

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  • Broken Bay
  • Pittwater
  • Hawkesbury River System
  • Durras
  • Batemans Bay
  • Royal National Park, South Sydney
  • Sydney Harbour


  • Wallaroo
  • Port Victoria
  • Victor Harbour
  • Rapid Bay jetty
  • Second Valley Jetty
  • Wirrina Cove
  • Bluff jetty


  • Hobart
  • Bruny Island

Best Baits & Lures When Fishing for Squid

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Squid fishing in Australia can be done using a variety of rigs made of a prawn and hook. The best way to attract the attention of the squid and get it to bite is to imitate the movement of a prawn swimming away from danger with your squid jig.

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