Surf Casting Australia

Surf casting Australia has always been popular with many people who find it a convenient and affordable alternative to other types of fishing.

surf casting australia

For many angling enthusiasts, this is the only way for them to pursue their passion especially if they do not own or have access to a boat to go fishing out at sea. Sponsored ads

That does not in any way mean that surf casting is boring or dull or just the last choice. Not by a long shot! In fact, with the large variety of fish species that you have access to, surf casting Australia is just as, if not more, exciting!

What’s more, surf casting can be done any time of the day or night, throughout the year, regardless of weather conditions. On days when the rain is pouring down, my mates and I just put on our raincoats and gumboots, pick up our surf casting rods and bait and spend the day what we love doing most- fishing!

Best Times & Best Bait for Surf Casting Australia

While I have seen that many surf casting anglers prefer to go out on bright, sunny days, I have personally found that overcast days are most productive. Other good times are just before high tide especially around dawn.Best bait for surf casting is usually saltwater shrimp or yabbie.

Surf Casting Tackle

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Surf casting fishermen use a variety of specialized rods and reels and several different types of bait, lures and terminal tackle depending on the water conditions, the fish they are targeting and the casting distance.

When looking for surf casting gear, it is a good idea to look for something most appropriate for the conditions and the fish species most often fished for in those specific waters.

If sport casting is something you intend doing regularly, you may want to look at multiple tackle assemblies so you can interchange them and use the most appropriate for the fishing conditions on that particular day.

The Key to Successful Surf Casting

Your casting distance will have a major impact on whether or not you catch those fish! The right gear and a little bit of time practicing your surf casting techniques will pay rich dividends when you are surf casting in Australia.

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