Surf Casting Rods

Surf casting is essentially a casting technique that separates the surf caster from the regular beach or pier angler.

A 2-handed technique is best way to cast the bait or the lure to the required distance in order to reach the spot where the fish are biting. Using the correct techniques with the most appropriate casting rod is crucial.

Length of the Rod

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The first thing you need to consider when buying a rod for surf casting is the length. The minimum length you should even look at is 12 ft. If you can afford it, go for a 15 ft or even 16 ft.

This additional length allows for more versatility as far as distance is concerned. While in calmer waters, a short rod will work fine, more often than not, the water are not all that calm and you will find that you need to cast a longer distance, for which long distance surf casting rods will be of better service.

Deciding About One, Two or Three Piece Rods

Choosing the right surf casting rods is the key to your surf casting success. Ideally, one piece casting rods work best. You do not have to worry about taking them joining them or taking them apart and they do not break off at the joints when casting. However, how do you transport a 12-15 ft rod from your house to the water? These rods are long and transportation can get very fiddly and frustrating.

Three piece rods are easier to store and transport but the problem with these is that the top section will often fly off and get lost when you are casting.

Two piece rods offer the best combination. They are easier to store and transport as compared to the one piece rods and are not so prone to breaking off as the three piece rods.

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Rod Prices for Surf Casting

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When looking for a rod for surf casting, it is far better to buy a slightly dearer model from a top line manufacturer rather than look for the cheapest rod available.

Established manufacturers have certain standards and it is worth paying a little more and enjoying your day fishing rather than having a disappointing day with a cheap rod.

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