Spectacular Surf Fishing Australia!

surf fishing australiaWith some of the most stunning beaches in the world, surf fishing Australia is simply awesome! No visit Down Under is complete unless and until you’ve tried your hand at this form of fishing.

Most Aussies love nothing better than getting the whole family together and heading off down to the nearest beach with our surf fishing rods, tackle and plenty of cold drinks and snacks. I can’t remember ever coming home empty handed from a day spent surf fishing.

For us, knowing how to surf fish is almost a tradition handed down the generations. Kids pick up the art just watching the elders casting off, reeling in and of course, posing with their catch!

3 Tips for Successful Surf Fishing Australia

Tip #1 - Choose Your Gear Carefully

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When surf fishing, the correct rod and reel combination will have a huge impact on your degree of success. Aim for fishing as lightly as possible with the lightest rod, reel, line and sinker that you can use in that particular environment. Avoid using a big sinker that will anchor your bait to the bottom. When surf fishing in Australia, bait that is moving with the action of the tide and waves will help you find a lot more fish.

Tip#2 - Learn to Read the Beach

Fishing conditions change with the tide and with the weather. For a successful day out surf fishing, you need to know how to read the tide and surf conditions as well as the existing beach structure and select the best spot accordingly.

Tip #3 - Know the Best Times for Surf Fishing

Dawn and dusk, about 2 hours before high tide until about 1 to 2 hours after the high tide are usually the best times for surf fishing but you can find fish any time of the day if the conditions are right. Night fishing by moonlight is a unique experience and something you should try at least once.

Good Spots for Surf Fishing Australia

With fantastic odds of landing a big Mulloway, Yalta Beach, located about 240 kms west of Ceduna is one of the most popular surf fishing spots in Australia.

Surf fishing the metropolitan beaches of Adelaide in South Australia offer excellent opportunities for snapper, whiting and garfish Broughton River in Clare Valley is a popular spot for trout fishers.Surf fishing at Coffin Bay is great for yellowtail Kingfish, snapper, whiting and trevally.

Another popular spot for surf fishing in Australia is the Bemm River, Victoria. The sought after prize in these waters is the Australian Salmon.

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We really hope you found this information useful, if you need further advice or help please contact Chris . You may also be interested in some of our additional Surf Fishing articles like: how to surf fish and surf fishing rods.

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