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Tall fishing tales. I would imagine that everyone has heard their fair share of fishing lies and about the ones that got away.

My old man used to tell some whopper fishy stories to me Believe it not, no way, never! Are you kidding Mate!

No, I am fair dinkum, and here's one of my tall fishing tales for you.

I will now tell you a true story about a fishing episode my mates and I experienced when fishing off a creek bank about 20 miles north of Cairns right where the creek entered the ocean. :) 

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We all used 8' rods and overhead reels (Abu) with metal lures attached to the end of our fishing lines and we had caught some great fish one about 10 to 12lbs and a few smaller bream and bass which we planned to take back to the caravan park and do a cook up for the Thursday Islanders staying there with us. 

There happened to be an Italian couple with 4 kids fishing maybe 20 yards upstream from us and what happened next got Mum and Dad very excited indeed. :)

  Anyway I had just released a 2 - 3lb yellow bellied perch back into the water and cast my lure out again letting it sink 2' under the surface and retrieving it whilst working the lure from side to side when there was heavy hit that almost tore the rod out of my hands.  

But it was not like a bass or even a black bream, there was no fight, just a heavy weight with a bit of a head shake from side to side.

It was so heavy I could not wind it in I figured that it was lying on the bottom and I was trying to drag it through the mud and silt on the river bottom.

Anyway I decided to walk backwards and drag it out that way (Lucky I was using a heavy line) as I walked dragging it out of the water it's head appeared and a strange head it was, all mouth and teeth followed by a body about 12' to 15' long it's upper body was thicker than my upper thigh and it was bulk ugly that's for sure.

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It was some sort of eel which we did not want so I decided to get my lure back and chuck it back in, 1 thing wrong with that plan though, it had more and bigger teeth than a white pointer shark and was snapping it's mouth open and shut so time to cut the line, (did not want to lose a hand)

At this stage our Italian couple came running towards us yelling frantically, Boys! Boys what you gunna do with that? Push him back in we said, to which they replied.

No! No! we eat 'im. So Poppa came over and hauled out a huge knife and stabbed it in the head, killing it. Later we found it it was bigger than the then world record.:) Love Chris. Your fishing Friend.

Think I was fibbing? could be right, but maybe not. Write in and let us know what you think.

The biggest trout I ever caught

large brown trout

   If you believe that my friend then maybe you are as mad as I am mate

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