Exmouth is renowned for being one of the World's greatest fishing hot spots.Anglers from all over Australia and from many, many of the nations come here to experience some of the best fishing available any where.

Some folks prefer to fish off the beaches or off the piers and rocks around the bay. Fishing in these surrounds is just as abundant as taking charters out into the wide blue yonder.

The fish in these onshore areas can be very large and they give a great account of themselves when hooked. And the fisho will love every moment of the fight when he/she lands a big pelagic up to 100 or more lbs.

Find your Fishing accommodation in Exmouth

The Novotel Ningaloo Resort

The resort is one of Exmouth's very best accommodation spots for those who love fishing in Exmouth.

The Novotel Ningaloo Resort Exmouth

And there is a lot more accommodation in Exmouth and our other top fishing spots up north for you to review over at fishing accommodation Western Australia And the fishing up north is the best fishing available in Australia, even the Poms love fishing up there.

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