Winter Fishing

Winter fishing is oft shunned or ignored as a possibility by many fishos.

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The problem with this is that they happen to be wrong, winter fishing can be very productive time to go fishing partly because you won't be over run by others crowding you and making it difficult to cast or even catch a fish.

All it really takes to succeed is a change of mindset and tactics which is what you will learn here.

What is fishing in winter really like?

Fishing in winter can be great if you pick the right spot on the coast or in a river or lake, but you will need to know the feeding habits of the fish in your chosen area so keep this fact at the top of your mind:

Fish in general, feed closer to shore in the winter.

Fishing on the lee side of a breakwater during high winds and heavy seas can be very rewarding 'cos our fish like to take shelter during rough weather too, they are smarter than you may think.

breakwater fishing on lee side

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Other good places to look for a good catch is the mouth of a river or in an estuary particularly when the tide is running in and mixing with the fresh water making it more attractive for the smaller fish usually found further out as the food they seek is also moving in towards the shore.

Conversely with water flowing downstream quickly the bait fish is swept before it and settles around the river mouth or estuary. And fishing here can be very productive.

If the river mouth is no good move a mile upstream on the river during the run in and try there as our ocean fish will still have salty water to hunt in.

It is not unusual to find a jewfish or Mulloway in these conditions. Snapper, Shark and Cobia will often be present so you may be surprised at what has a go at your lure or bait.

Tips on clothing to wear when winter fishing.

Wear several layers of light weight clothes instead of 1 thick layer.

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One advantage with several layers is that you can peel of a layer or two when the day starts to warm up, no point in wearing the thick stuff and suffer from over heating later when it warms up and you are trying to land a big one.

The gear I use when I am winter fishing.

Chest, Thigh high waders are another bit of apparel to consider as they can be very handy when beach fishing or fishing off a rock shelf where the waves are likely to come in and roll over your feet of lower legs.

Chest, Thigh high waders

Light wet weather gear is more than likely the most important clothing you can wear.

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Wear a warm beanie,

as folks lose more heat via their heads than any other part of the body. Make sure your beanie is long enough to cover you ears

Use fingerless gloves made of neoprene.

Makes it easy to tie knots and change lures or bait and still leaves the rest of your fingers warm and protected

Waterproof boots

With winter fishing try to keep your feet dry and warm. Feet are usually the 1st thing to get cold and it's not nice fishing when your toes feel like blocks of ice.

Many yachting stores sell wet weather boots and it is a good idea to consider getting non slip ones in case you head out on e boat, they often have slippery decks.

And you should use these types of boots when rock fishing too.

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